With the success of Buying Beverly Hills, it made sense for Netflix to branch

With the success of Buying Beverly Hills, it made sense for Netflix to branch out into the Global market. Thanks to Buying Londonfans of real estate TV will not be able to watch how pros do it in London. The streaming service enlisted the help of property mogul Daniel Daggers and his team of agents at DDRE Global to take on the challenging market of England’s capital.

The brand-new series will showcase the talented team as they work their magic to sell within London’s luxury property market. Between Mayfair and the enclaves of Holland Park, viewers will watch as the group pulls out all the stops to ensure they secure the listing and receive their commission.


The boss has been revolutionizing the industry for the last 25 years and is self-styled as “Mr Super Prime.” Daniel first got his start in the business selling studio flats but has now worked his way up to the top as he works as the go-to luxury agent in London. Naturally, Daniel demands nothing but the best from his staff. He expects them to put their blood, sweat, and tears into the process as he would. Daniel has made numerous personal sacrifices along the way and is currently dealing with strife in the office.

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Oli is the posh agent who has connections to anyone and everyone. His tall, dark, and handsome demeanor might give him an edge, along with his smooth talking, but he knows how to perform well within high society. As a reformed party boy, fans will be given glimpses of his shady past. However, he is now settled down and happily married to Vivi. But will he be able to steer clear of temptation within the office? What we will love about Oli is his lack of tact and trait for making an awkward situation much worse.


Reme is a rookie agent and is just 21 years old. As the self-proclaimed baby of the office, she is determined to impress Daniel and have him as a mentor. Daniel already has a pet name for her, “rough diamond,” but Reme has a warm and bubbly side. As the office’s rising star, she is determined to make her mark at DDRE. But will Reme steer clear of the office drama or dive head first into the friction to prove herself?


Lauren is the blond bombshell and top agent at DDRE. She never grows weary of reminding everyone at the office of her stature and has had a longtime friendship with Daniel. Fans will see Lauren is cool under pressure as the South African truly believes she is a cut above the rest. Lauren is an agent who thinks she deserves the agency’s best properties. But the apparent favoritism from Daniel is landing her in some hot water.


Rosi is a native Londoner who grew up in Holland Park. I am getting Umansky Group vibes as Rosi knows Central London like the back of her hand. However, her colleagues aren’t buying her claim that she has new money clients worldwide. Rosi is less than impressed that Lauren is given some top properties. But Rosi is sweet and happy to lend an ear to any colleague who needs to unleash their burdens.


Viewers are going to love Rasa, who is considered the hustler of the group. With her headstrong ways, she is not there to make friends. Rasa has a little black book loaded with all the billionaire’s numbers she needs to make one hell of a sale. As the politician, the office didn’t know it needed, she is unafraid to speak her mind. Rasa never backs down from a confrontation, especially when she believes in the cause.


Juliana, the group’s interior designer, believes she is the hottest decorator to hit London in years. Whatever property she is working on, Juliana’s only goal is to make the space feel glamorous. A woman who loves to push boundaries, Juliana can be “very naughty” if in the right place at the right times.


Olivia is a broadcaster and probably the most level-headed of the group. She creates content for DDRE and uses her skills to diffuse any volatile situation in the office. As the voice of reason, Olivia is likable and steers clear of drama.


Like all real estate shows, there has to be a rival agent. Cue Alex, who is slick and one of Danny’s oldest and dearest friends. Even though their friendship goes back decades, that doesn’t mean Alex will lie down when it comes to business. Both are battling it out for the next big property deal, but will Alex take the win?

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