Why do I love Sonja Morgan? Let me count the ways. Sonja is a legend when it

Why do I love Sonja Morgan? Let me count the ways. Sonja is a legend when it comes to OG Real Housewives New York in her own right. I’d argue Sonja is the fan favorite of the franchise due to her flirty nature and, at times, unrealistic lifestyle. Between her ingenious toaster cooker and lousy luck when it came to dating, mainly because her friends would lure them away, Sonja was easy to root for. Sonja is one of the only housewives who genuinely cares, as you can witness from her performance on Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake. Without missing a beat, she assimilated to who she was at her core.

So it stands to reason that Sonja’s beloved townhouse holds a special place in viewers’ hearts, mainly because of some outstanding moments. Between raising her daughter, hosting the ladies, and teaching a generation’s worth of interns, the townhouse was a character of its own in the series. I am still wondering why Bravo didn’t think to purchase the Real Housewives landmark, but here is our small tribute to the home.

Sonja’s dirty laundry

One moment that lives rent-free inside my head was when Sonja was filmed washing her delicates inside her bidet. Now, she has done this trick more than once, but the first time was in her beloved home. While chatting with her boyfriend, Frenchie, the mother of one, carried multiple sets of thongs not to her laundry room but to her bathroom. Viewers got an in-depth look at Sonja’s pantie draw as she threw it all into her bidet. It turns out the bidet has many uses. In a way only Sonja could pull off, she scrubbed her knickers hard as she prepared for her romantic evening, leaving fans to wonder if we, too, needed a bidet in our lives.

Construction Sonja

Even though Sonja is always looking for ways to better herself, she was not a fan when, during Season 10, the condo had to have a facelift. Everything—and I mean everything—was covered in a plastic tarp that almost made the home look like a staging scene from Dexter. Sonja was doing the best she could to survive as she slept in her four-pillar bed, surrounded by her nearest possessions. While talking to herself, Sonja noted she was “so allergic to all this dust” and tried to figure out when the end date would be. Poor Sonja was left to her own devices as she ate cereal in bed, sharing that she “couldn’t find her underwear, but that is okay.” She also tried her best to protect her famed closets. It became evident that Sonja was not made for a world of remodels.

Sonja’s organization was less than perfect as she stumbled upon a jury duty notice. But like the princess she is, Sonja made it through the trying time thanks to laughter and a little help from Tinsley Mortimer, who lent her a hotel room.

Sonja’s gaggle of interns

Sonja and her interns are synonymous with the famed townhouse. Each year, a group of fresh-faced co-eds would earn college credit by being one of Sonja’s busy bees. The duties of an intern would be lighting candles to get rid of bad energy, turn on the sprinklers, pick up dog poop, take notes during all important meetings. In turn, Sonja teaches them life lessons like living without hot water to save money. And to clear her social media of all haters.

But perhaps my favorite scene was Sonja, in heels and glam, showing her newest interns how to clean out the Koi pond, saving her a whopping $250. It was often a rotating door of interns since most only lasted for a semester. Sonja is a savvy businesswoman who knows exactly what she wants. The trait is commendable and probably has helped a lot of East Coast kids grow into some pretty decent adults. During one episode, Sonja shared that her interns get a small spending allowance and a place to crash some nights.

Sadly, it’s the end of an era for Sonja and her townhouse. On May 15, Sonja’s home will be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Let’s just hope a Bravo fan wins.


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