Who’s ready for another round of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard? I know we are

Who’s ready for another round of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard? I know we are. The last episode left off with Bria arguing with her boyfriend, Simon Marco, after he embarrassed her during Nick’s party. She snatched him up by the (flamingo) neck, literally, and told him to begin packing his bags to hit the Oak Bluff’s hotel. Also, Amir’s girlfriend, Natalie Cortes, is still visiting, and instead of making shady comments about her boyfriend’s Black costars under her breath, this week, she turns into SHMV’s bone collector, causing tensions to reach another high. Here’s everything that went down in Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2, Episode 8: Gossip Girls.

Will Simon and Bria last?

Summer House: Martha's Vineyard Season 2, Episode 8
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This season, Bria hasn’t been so over the moon about her long-distance relationship with the German watch designer, Simon. Although he finally made it to Martha’s Vineyard to spend time with his girlfriend, things have been a mess. The couple got into a massive argument last week after Simon blatantly disregarded one of Bria’s requests. After blowing up on him on the dance floor, Bria told Simon she no longer wanted to be with him and that he should pack his bags to hit the door.

Thankfully, she settled down and allowed the man to stay. The next day, they discussed their issues, and Simon told Bria how sad their argument made him. “You were so quick to say let’s end this relationship,” he said. “You tried to trigger me in every direction.”

Bria replied, telling him that he wasn’t a victim in this situation and reminded him that he ruined a night meant to celebrate Nick’s friend who passed away. “All I wanted was positivity, and love and support,” she said. “And you’re coming down and making a fool. It’s a black-tie event. His line brother died, and he had people from his college here. You had to see the way they were looking.”

In her confessional, Bria told producers that her biggest problem with Simon is that he doesn’t listen. “I think he thought he was just having fun and not realizing, like, this is a very special moment for us, dedicated to Nick’s line brother. It’s so disrespectful on all levels. It’s like, you don’t take me serious.”

Simon argued that Bria has also exhibited poor behavior during important events for him. He mentioned that in the past, Bria blew up on people he knew at a table. Bria shared her perspective, reminding Simon that she’s had uncomfortable experiences as a woman of color in Germany.

“You’re putting me in dangerous situations,” she said. “You are not seeing my feelings. … Me being a Black woman in Germany around people that were racist to me and were saying things to me, and you’re protecting them.”

“I know what the f*ck is going on, you’re blind to racism. Because you’re white, and you’re blind to it.” She shared more, telling Simon that even his family members said racist things about her to each other in German. “I’ve dated men that protect me,” she said. “You are not protecting me.”

They continued talking for a little while, and it seemed like Simon was gaslighting Bria. However, they finished their talk on a good note, and Bria said she was open to moving forward and seeing what’s next for them. “My relationship with Simon is worth salvaging because he’s always willing to give me a second chance even when I’m wrong.”

Why is Natalie in Black people’s business?

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Outside, Bria was talking to Shanice, Noelle, and Amir’s girlfriend, Natalie, about how Nick’s girlfriend was upstairs when the party was over, but he was still downstairs “trying to get into something.” That led them to talk about how Nick’s eyes wander, which can sometimes lead to him being touchy.

Bria said she thinks it’s strange how Nick switches up when his girlfriend is around versus when she’s not. Noelle mentioned she would feel uncomfortable coming into a vacation home and not knowing how her man was acting “less than 48 hours ago.” Bria said Nick should be honest with his girlfriend about his interactions with many of the women in the house. “I wouldn’t call him a hoe, but he’s still been touchy/feely.”

“You can tell he wants to be wild,” Noelle said before she told producers what her “no-nos” are in a relationship. “Don’t drape your arm near her breasts, and don’t wrap your arms around her waist.” Of course, producers flashed a photo of Nick posing with Summer and Noelle from their Freaknik night, where his arm was around Noelle’s chest. “So, if Nick was single — no shame,” she said. “But the fact that he has a relationship and everybody knows … eh.”

All that to say, by the end of their talk, Natalie felt like it would’ve been a good idea for her to be the bone collector and carry this info back to Nick’s girlfriend before she left town.

When the group sat down for lunch, Natalie tried to pull her to the side, but she wasn’t interested in talking. “I just want to keep you in the loop before anything comes to your attention,” Natalie said. “I’m about to leave; it’s fine,” Tasia replied. “Thank you, though, I appreciate it.”

Nick faces off against Bria, Shanice, AND Noelle

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Later in the episode, Nick found out that the heads-up Natalie wanted to give his girlfriend involved rumors that he’s been a little too touchy with the women in the house. He said that Jordan and Summer’s earlier comments made sense. However, Bria, Noelle, and Shanice’s statements don’t “make an ounce of sense.”

When the rest of the cast joined Nick in the kitchen, he couldn’t hold his anger back, and rightfully so.

He spoke to Noelle and Shanice first, who both said they didn’t believe his actions were that serious. “But we’ve just been noticing that your eyes have been wandering.”

Preston then asked why they brought it up to Tasia if they didn’t think it was serious. “I’m the one that brought it up,” Natalie said. She mentioned that because Tasia is her friend, she wanted to let her know what was being said before it aired on TV. Amir tried to save face for Natalie by saying she was honoring the “girl code.” Amir … please.

Finally, Bria entered the conversation, and she and Nick went at it. She told Nick that he’s been flirty with her at times, and editors threw in clips of Nick talking about Bria’s butt. She said that she wasn’t trying to be malicious by bringing it up, but when Nick drinks, he gets a bit “loose.”


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