Welcome back to Below Deck Season 11, Episode 15. In this week’s episode,

Welcome back to Below Deck Season 11, Episode 15. In this week’s episode, titled “We’ll Always Have Paris,” Dylan flirts with all the pretty young things on board while realizing that hooking up with a guest would get him fired. The interior department continues to butt heads with the chef, and Barbie is annoyed by Kyle’s literally “cheeky” behavior. Here are some of the highlights from Below Deck Season 11, Episode 15.

A yachting family comes aboard

The charter guests who are coming today have their own yacht. They’re expecting “nothing but the best.”

“We haven’t really been challenged that much so far,” says Captain Kerry. “The team needs to step up a level. No more mistakes.”

When the guests arrive, Fraser shows them around. Their yacht in Newport Beach is “only” 62 feet. The St. David is nearly 197 feet. One of the guests claims to have “boat envy.”

“This is the kind of yachting I’m used to doing,” Fraser interviews. “Working for a family, they’ve been in yachting for a while. They have lots of money. They’re bringing their kids [and their friends] on board to congratulate them for being [shrugs] their own kids. They are not like other guests we’ve had this season. I’m finally happy to have a group on board that really know how to enjoy themselves politely.”

The guys on the boat immediately take note of all the pretty girls coming on board. This could be trouble.

Paris oversteps

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The first activity is a beach picnic. Chef Nick is preparing sushi, and Fraser is in his face about the presentation. He wants Nick to use a certain plate and Nick doesn’t want to plate it at all. Let the chef be the chef, Fraser.

Paris is also having trouble with Nick. On the way to the beach picnic, she tells Ben, “He’s just really stubborn.” Nick does seem a little passive-aggressive at times, calling Paris “my third favorite stew.”

At the beach, Paris and Nick get off to a bad start fighting over space. Nick feels like she’s trying to “micromanage” him. “I’ve been doing this for a long time,” he interviews. He’s got “three stripes,” while Paris only has one.

Paris asks Nick if he’s going to plate the sushi or just put it on the table. “I don’t want to have to walk around with a tray for ten minutes, asking over and over again if anyone wants anything,” she says.

“Fraser told me,” Paris interviews, “the whole plan for the beach is that it’s going to be plated. So that’s what we’re f*cking doing.”

When Chef prepares to go back to the boat to work on dinner, Paris stops him. “Hang on, we haven’t even done mains yet,” she tells him. “So I would hold off on doing that.” She’s bossy for a single-striper.

“If Paris wants to take over,” Nick interviews, “I’m not gonna stop her. I’d rather that than have an argument in front of the guests.” He’s right, of course. He needs to get back to the boat to start dinner and has “no time for this f*cking sh*t.”

Conflict in the kitchen

Chef Nick Tatlock smiling in a confessional interview on Below Deck Season 11
Photo Credit: Bravo via YouTube

Back on the boat, Captain asks Nick how everything went at the beach. Nick says he had everything set up the way he wanted, and Paris changed it. Kerry’s not pleased.

“When a chef comes to the beach,” Cap says, “he has the three stripes … A single-strip stew on the beach needs to adapt to the chef, not the other way around.”

Paris tells Fraser, “You didn’t come to the beach, bitch!” You talk to your boss that way, Paris?

“That bad?” he asks.

“It was embarrassing,” she says. She tells Fraser that she overrode the way he wanted to serve the sushi and that he left early. He had to get back and cook dinner. It just doesn’t land on the plates like magic, Paris.

Captain Kerry sits in the crew mess with Fraser. “So was there some confusion on the lunch today?” he asks.

Fraser doesn’t want to make trouble. So, after a hesitation, he tells the captain, “No dramas, no tragedies. Everything’s fine. That’s all that matters.”

Kerry knows Fraser’s holding back. He’s a “little concerned,” but he’ll deal with it later.

Chef Nick is plating grilled octopus for dinner. Yum, but octopuses are very intelligent animals. It doesn’t seem right to eat them.

Nick is proud of his plating, but Paris says, “Definitely needs a drizzle.”

“I just don’t have the time or the patience right now for Paris’ sh*t,” Nick interviews. He feels like she’s trying to take over the galley, and it’s not her job. “I don’t tell her how to scrub toilets,” he adds, sarcastically.

After dinner with the guests, Kerry stops by the galley to give an attaboy to the chef. “Guests loved it, I loved it,” he tells Nick.

Dylan flirts with the girls

Photo Credit: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

Up on the sundeck, Dylan is flirting with the girls in the hot tub. They decide to play Truth or Dare and begin by telling the deckhand to take off his shirt and dance for them. He goes them one better and douses himself with water ala Flashdance. It’s not so sexy when he squeals when the cold water hits his chest.

He’s so tempted by them but reminds himself that hooking up with a guest is a fireable offense. He decides to play it safe and just gets their Instagrams instead.

The next morning he’s already sending DMs to the Primary’s daughter: “Last night was fun. Sucks charter ends today. Could have seen more dance water bottle moves.”

Ugh. Dylan’s a good-looking guy, but he’s socially awkward. When he opens his mouth, he ruins the whole picture. Like Sunny said a while back, “Shhh!”

The end of the charter

As Chef Nick is cooking breakfast in the kitchen, Paris is standing next to him telling him how to do it. Really?! She’s got a lot of nerve. Stay in your lane, girl. He’s a trained cook. I think he knows what he’s doing.

“She needs to back the f*ck off,” he interviews. I agree.

All too soon, the guests are saying goodbye. It was a short charter. Rob and Noreen, the primaries, are pleased with everything, including the food which was “divine.”

“Anytime you’re in Southern California, we’d love to host you all on our boat,” Rob says. “And we’ll be your crew!” And just like that, they’re gone.

At the tip meeting, Captain says, “Excellent job. We’ve got some areas to work on, like always.” The tip is $25,000, which is a lot for an overnight charter. Nice.

“That’s $1923 each,” Kerry says. “And we’ve got a free place to stay in California.”

Peace in the galley

As everyone goes back to work, Captain calls Paris to the wheelhouse. He’s not okay with a one-stripe telling a three-stripe what to do. He’s got to get to the bottom of it.

“Darling, please don’t get yourself fired,” Fraser says as Paris heads to her meeting.

“I want to talk about beach day,” Kerry says when Paris is seated. He’s got a problem with the way Paris is pushing Nick around. “He’s got three stripes on his shoulder. You’ve got one.” It’s not her place to argue with the chef.

Paris decides to throw Fraser under the bus. “When we’re organizing for the beach,” Paris says, “I’m being told by the Chief Stew, ‘This is how we’re plating.’ I assume that that’s been discussed with the chef.” She says they’ve been “butting heads” with him and it’s “frustrating.”

“He’s the chef,” Kerry says. Any disputes should be settled between the chief stew and him, not the rest of the team.

“You guys are not to be dragged into what’s going on between them two,” Kerry adds. “Stay professional.”

Next Kerry calls Fraser and Nick to the wheelhouse. “This communication breakdown between departments,” Kerry says. “I’m not f*cking having it.”

Fraser and Nick have got to work together. “I don’t need any stews telling [Nick] how to do his job.” He wants them to work together so they both know exactly what’s happening.

“I don’t give a sh*t if you like each other or not,” Kerry says. There’s one charter left. He’s done with the nonsense.

Fraser agrees that they should plan every meal before the charter, and he’ll run all meal services going forward with his staff. He and Nick fist-bump each other and go back to work.

Willies gone wild

Everyone’s getting ready to go out. Kyle’s wearing his kilt, which I think is super hot. And, of course, he’s naked underneath. Scotsmen don’t wear anything under their kilts. That’s why the Scottish lassies love a windy day.

Barbie’s not into it. “Kyle, that’s not hot,” she says. Girl, did you never watch Outlander?! Come ON!

“I love you so much,” she adds. “But I like this part of you,” indicating his waistband up.

“What’s wrong with that?” he asks, gesturing toward his lower half.

She admits in a confessional that she’s “nervous about the kilt.” He’s not wearing anything underneath, and he likes to show his “situation.”

“I actually love that she hates it,” Kyle laughs. “I can just wind her up now with it.”

They’re off for an evening of bowling. Kyle finishes with a spare, and Ben says, “Stillie, get your willy out!” And he flashes both front and back, much to Barbie’s embarrassment.

“Sorry, not sorry,” Kyle says.

“Stop doing that,” Barbie tells him.

“Deal with it,” Kyle responds.

Barbie worries about how her family will respond. Did you know Barbie was raised in Argentina and her family’s really conservative? Enough already, Barbie. Live your life and don’t worry so much about your dad.

Finally, Kyle admits he doesn’t want to make Barbie feel uncomfortable, and he agrees not to flash anyone again.

Barbie’s developed feelings for him. She’s not sure what the future holds. But he’s not Jewish, and he can’t provide the kind of life that she wants. She doesn’t think her family will accept him.

Below Deck, Season 11 continues Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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