Welcome back, for the final time this season! Let’s get right into the Deal or

Welcome back, for the final time this season! Let’s get right into the Deal or No Deal Island Episode 12 recap. Last time, we saw the four final competitors racing through a maze, briefcases in hand, to try and secure their spot in the final two. But who made it, and who fell at the final few hurdles? Here’s everything you need to know about Deal or No Deal Island Episode 12: Finale Part 2!

Who was eliminated, and who made it into the Deal or No Deal Island final two?

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 12
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Boston Rob was the last contender to make it out of the maze, meaning he was instantly eliminated. He said it would sting for a while, and the same is true for us viewers and longtime fans. The Survivor legend has given us a lot this season – it wouldn’t have been the same without him.

With three women left, each holding a briefcase, one more would have to be sent packing. This would be decided by the amount of money their briefcase held. Basically, it was a crapshoot. Jordan’s case was first to be opened, and held $3.5 million. Stephanie’s was up next, and she had $3 million, which meant Jordan would progress to the final two. When Amy’s case was revealed, holding $3.75 million, Stephanie’s fate was sealed.

Amy and Jordan would be the two contestants taking on the final excursion. The winner of this would go on to face the Banker. But who would it be?

Who faced the Banker in the Deal or No Deal Island finale?

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 12 Finale Part 2 recap
Photo Credit: Monty Brinton/NBC

The finale excursion was made up of a highwire walk, with the $3.75 million briefcase hanging in the middle. Whoever was first out of Amy and Jordan to reach the red rope next to that briefcase would earn the right to battle the Banker. It was a simple mission but one that would require some incredible strength and balance. If you fell at any point, you had to restart the course entirely.

This became true for Amy almost instantly. She seemed to be trying to go too fast. Jordan, on the other hand, took a more careful and calculated approach. When Amy fell for a second time, however, Jordan wasn’t far behind her.

“I didn’t come this far to only come this far,” Jordan said in confessional. While she quickly got back to her feet and was approaching the center, Amy decided to be tactical. She bounced on the wire both ladies were stood on, in a bid to send Jordan crashing down once more. Unfortunately for her, it didn’t work.

Jordan was victorious, and the $3.75 million briefcase was added to the final case’s total. This meant Jordan would be battling the Banker for a prize of up to $13,857,000.

“Hope … it’s back,” Jordan said after revealing she recently suffered a miscarriage. This sort of money could give her multiple avenues to explore when it comes to having kids. Because of that, Amy was over the moon for her competitor and friend.

The Banker is revealed

Howie Mandel
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Inside the final briefcase was a flare, which Jordan earned the right to light. This signaled to the Banker that it was time to reveal himself. But who has been on the other end of the phone with host Joe Manganiello all season? None other than Deal or No Deal icon himself, Howie Mandel, of course.

Howie is usually a lovable character. But his persona as the Banker is entirely pantomime. He teased Jordan, telling her he didn’t think she had what it takes. That teasing was something he was going to take into the Temple for their final showdown, as he would be sitting on a throne and giving his offers live and in-person. But who would come out victorious?

Deal or No Deal Island finale: Jordan vs The Banker, Howie Mandel

Deal or No Deal Island Episode 12
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All of the Banker’s private island guests were in attendance for Jordan’s battle against the Banker. This was an opportunity for the last woman standing to change her life forever. And so, she got to opening the briefcases.

The first six were a mixed bag. While Jordan got rid of $750, $500, and $300, she also took out the $1.5 million, $3.5 million, and $6 million cases. With such huge amounts still on the board, however, Howie had to make a six-figure offer to see if Jordan would bite. Unfortunately for him, she rejected his offer of $203,000.

Again, the next five briefcases to be opened were from both sides of the board. $1 million was eliminated first, followed by $50 and $100, but then also $5 million. The final briefcase opened, and took out the $1. With his second offer, Howie said he could “truly believe I’m about to send you home.” Jordan rejected the $607,000, only having to open three more cases for another offer.

Can Jordan beat the Banker?

Joe Manganiello, Deal or No Deal Island
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This round, Jordan hurt her chances, hitting the $1.5 million, $1 million, and $3 million in quick succession. Despite this, the offer grew. Howie put $1,197,000 on the table, and while Jordan was considering taking the deal, she went another round.

“You are determined, but I don’t think that was a good move,” Howie teased.

Jordan seemed to be on the right path, opening her first case and eliminating the $25. But then came her second of two cases – and it was the big one. She wouldn’t be winning $13,857,000.

Howie’s heart seemed to soften here. His offer still increased. So, with $1,230,000 up for grabs, Jordan took the deal.

“My husband I can have as many kids as I can afford,” she said. And when her case was revealed to be holding $1,000, it was clear she’d done the right thing.

Five months later, and Jordan’s pregnant! Here’s to a happy future for her and her family.

Deal or No Deal Island will return for Season 2 to NBC.


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