Welcome back to the Vanderpump Villa Episode 9 recap. Last week, Lisa did her

Welcome back to the Vanderpump Villa Episode 9 recap. Last week, Lisa did her very best to remind Hannah of her worth, so that she could stop behaving like “an angry little b*tch” around Nikki. This week’s episode, “Reunited and It Feels So Good,” features Eric returning to his head of the house position, just in time for the Château’s latest arrivals. Here’s everything that went down on Vanderpump Villa, Episode 9.

Eric’s lady problems vs Stephen’s job stressors

Caroline’s frustrations with Eric are still front and center, as Nikki continues to listen in from the window upstairs. On Eric’s future pairings though, Hannah doesn’t think that he’ll choose any of his conquests from this season. All good ladies. You’ll find better.

Meanwhile, Stephen’s getting comfortable in Eric’s former shoes. He’s eager to impress Lisa, especially after his little blow-up with Telly went down. Thankfully, the guests praised the heck out of him on their comment cards, so his validation has arrived.

On these same cards, the guests also made sure to note that Eric never serenaded them. Lisa didn’t even know that Eric could sing, so no biggie there. At this, the guests leave, and the crew gets to work turning over Château Rosabelle.

Lisa chooses Eric

Vanderpump Villa Episode 9
Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson/Hulu

With only hours left before the next check in, Lisa has to decide who will be managing moving forward. Will it be Stephen, or will it be Eric?

Making up her mind, she calls Eric in to her office to give him the good news. He’s coming back as the head of the house.

But he is not allowed to shag the sheep. And he is only managing the Château, not the staff.

The MILFs arrive, and Telly goes down

Gathering her staff back together, Lisa notes that everyone “slayed.” She then introduces their next group, who hail from a “professional football team.” This is met with cheers, until Lisa adds, “of cheerleaders,” from “the 1980’s.” Naturally, Eric labels these guests as MILFs.

As they arrive, Telly grows ill, so she takes off to lie down. Emily steps in to take over her spot at the bar, where Andre is struggling without Telly’s assistance. Emily’s good at her job though, and she quickly helps to get things under control.

From her bed, Telly suspects that Emily’s after her job, but for now, she’s too ill to do anything about it.

A cheer-ful dinner

Vanderpump Villa Episode 9
Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson/Hulu

As the cheerleaders recreate an old photo shoot outside, Stephen makes the call to surprise them with three shirtless men. Meanwhile, Lisa’s standing underneath the trees, torn between laughing and sighing.

That night, Marciano plans a surprise private dinner with Hannah. Hannah’s shocked by Marciano’s efforts, but when pressed on where they might stand, Hannah reminds him that she’s scared. She’s 28, and she doesn’t want to waste her time on someone who might cheat on her again. Only time and changed actions can answer this question now.

Telly rallies, just in time to help Emily fight

Thankfully, Telly is back on her feet the next morning. She used to be a cheerleader, so she’s excited, as this group matches her vibes.

For their final evening, a special dinner is planned, so Hannah and Grace help their guests with their hair and make-up. When these ladies finally sit around the table, the boys help too, by taking their shirts off for dinner service. Eric also sends whipped cream and champagne flying around the room, as some of the guests go wide-eyed, while the others laugh. Encouraged, he runs off to grab another bottle of champagne.

Grace isn’t thrilled. She wants Eric to “read the room.” Turns out, she was right. The guests decline his incoming bottle.

Telly also wants the men to “act their age.” Eric and Marciano overhear, and they grow irate. Emily refuses to back down though, holding her own with her colleagues.

Checking out and checking in

Vanderpump Villa Episode 9 recap
Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson/Hulu

The next morning, Eric hands the guests their comment cards. He’s hoping to receive a lot of love here. As the guests prepare to leave, they are brought outside, where the crew is dressed in their former uniform colors. The staff then cheers for their guests, as the ladies crawl into their vans and drive away.

Back in the Château, Lisa calls Grace into her office for a quick check-in. Here, she tells her housekeeper that the guests gave her a 12/10 on their comment cards. Lisa is thankful, and Grace is relieved.

The final guests

Vanderpump Villa Episode 9
Photo Credit: Gilles Mingasson/Hulu

As this season is coming to an end, only one final group remains. This one, Lisa notes, is a bridal party, filled with gorgeous women. Bollywood dancers will also be performing, during a “showered with love” themed dinner. However, Lisa’s eyes will be on her employees, as she is trying to decide who should and who shouldn’t return for a second season.

When this bridal party arrives, Andre’s like yassss. Because they’re all hot. Not taken off guard though is Lisa, who agrees to take a shot with her latest arrivals.

On this, everyone’s thrilled, especially the staff, who also takes a shot. Once lubricated, Nehal, the guest of honor, wants the ladies to spill some tea. They agree, but when asked who should be cut, Telly says “me, because I’m over it.”

Emily overhears, and she runs off to find Lisa. After a quick rundown of what she heard, she asks Lisa to consider her for a bartending position next season, as a replacement for Telly. Heading back inside the villa, Lisa asks Telly for a quick chat, as Episode 9 comes to an end.

Episodes 1-9 of Vanderpump Villa are available to stream now on Hulu. Episode 10 will be available on Monday, May 20 on Hulu.


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