There is something about Margaret Josephs on the Real Housewives of New Jersey

There is something about Margaret Josephs on the Real Housewives of New Jersey that lights up my screen. As Season 14 premiered, fans saw Marge making it clear she didn’t want anything to do with Teresa Giudice or Luis Ruelas. She was calm, cool, and collected during her conversation, and I feel this trait within Marge may often time be overshadowed.

I have always liked Margaret because she seemed like someone with whom you could actually have a rational conversation. Naturally, if you crossed her, she would fight a little dirty, but sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. Her sense of humor and honesty about her past was refreshing, especially since most housewives do everything they can to bury their skeletons. But Marge had the mantra that “shit happens. That’s life.” So, while the franchise has multiple fan favorites, I think sometimes Marge gets pushed to the side.

She loyal

One of Margaret’s qualities that I believe is overlooked is her ability to be loyal to a fault. The CEO has stood steadfast in her friendships, often riding a bit too hard for some of them. Season 14 will show her loyalty tested as her close friends, Jen Fessler and Jackie Goldschneider, have turned tails and befriended Teresa. But it takes a lot for Marge to give up on a friendship, so I am sure she has a good reason.

Marge is quirky

As the Real Housewives of New Jersey went into its eighth season, production decided to shake the cast up a tiny bit by adding the blonde in ponytails. Margaret was a self-made woman who ran her life exactly how she wanted to, never taking input from those around her. Even though she dabbled in plastic surgery, Marge owned her age, noting she was pretty wise thanks to her life experiences. She had this vintage Mae West vibe that I just loved. As Margaret played into the “feisty broad” part, she started to look like one of the most underrated characters to me.

Margaret stayed friends with her ex

During her premiere seasons, Margaret shared a fact that was pretty unknown to the Real Housewives of New Jersey group. The mother of one, although divorced from Jan Josephs, had managed to stay close to him. Marge shared the backstory: “When I met my husband, Joe, we were married to separate people. He had come into my life because he was a contractor, and he came in to do our molding. My marriage was going down the tubes, and we had this unbelievable chemistry, and we fell in love.” Even though her first marriage was a casualty of the affair, she managed to keep a positive relationship with Jan.

Sadly, Jan passed away in 2022 from a heart attack, and Marge shared a touching tribute. The MacBeth Collection owner noted, “We spoke every day; he was my family.” The fact that Marge, ever trying at times, could put her friendship with Jan above so many things is a testament to her kind heart. And we don’t always see that on the Bravo franchise.

Margaret talks about sexual harassment

It is unbelievably brave to open up about your previous experience with sexual harassment in the workplace. During Season 13 and in her memoir, Caviar Dreams, Tuna Fish Budget: How to Survive in Business and Life, Marge addressed the “shame” she felt about being harassed at her place of work. Marge shared, “I was pressured to sleep with my boss, literally my first day of work. That was very emotional for me. It was part of the history of my life. Things were very different then; it was 1989, and there was no ‘Me Too’ movement.”

Margaret’s strength in being able to share her vulnerability with viewers really made her stand out to fans. While some still think Marge can be a bit dramatic in her confrontations, I don’t see her like that. I think she is a complex woman who just tried to navigate life as best she could. When she was added to Season 8, it was just what RHONJ needed. Marge has been a breath of fresh air, and like her not she has delivered some memorable moments.


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