The Valley: Janet Says Everyone Will ‘Come Back Together’

We’ve only been watching the first season of The Valley for a couple of months, but already we’ve seen fights and grudges among the cast. Janet Caperna has been there since the beginning and calls the progression of Season 1 “truly a rollercoaster.”

She also hinted that things are going to get even worse before they get any better. She teased that even though relationships are going to get wilder and more polarizing, the group will reunite at some point.

“You’re gonna see kind of a divide coming up,” she said in a recent interview. She revealed that viewers will “see us all come back together, [though] maybe not in the most clean way.”

All’s well that ends well on The Valley

The Valley
Photo Credit: Casey Durkin/Bravo

Before the season even started, two marriages fell apart. Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright announced they were separating, and Jesse Lally and Michelle Saniei Lally filed for divorce.

Kristen Doute’s pernicious gossip about Michelle’s alleged extra-marital relationships caused trouble, and Jesse’s temper exploded on more than one occasion. Kristen’s boyfriend, Luke Broderick, warned her repeatedly about her carelessness with other people’s secrets and stretching the truth.

In an interview with The Daily Dish, Janet shared that there is “definitely” more juicy drama where that came from. The rollercoaster of ups and downs among the cast will create definite camps and loyalties to be defended.

“You’re gonna see … people take sides,” Janet promised, though walls will eventually break down. “And then all of us come crashing back together for the end.”

But even after reconciliations, hurt feelings can linger and may never completely heal. Even though Janet promises viewers will “see us all come back together, [it might not be] in the most clean way.”

“It’s a little messy at the end,” the new mom said. “But you’ll see it all kind of come back together at the end.”

The Valley continues Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.


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