The Real Housewives live in the limelight. Therefore, many of these

The Real Housewives live in the limelight. Therefore, many of these Bravolebrities have their beauty pros on standby, ensuring that they present as regal, not raggedy. Cue RingMyBelle, a company that’s backed by several of Bravo’s finest. Now, this women-owned business is offering up their in-home beauty services to the masses, so that everyone can have their images attended to like the stars.

On their website, RingMyBelle’s founders Megan O’Brien and Kavita Daswani stress that “women everywhere should have access to red carpet-level at-home beauty services – affordably and conveniently,” which yass ladies, we should! Speaking of yass ladies, Megan and her Bravolebrity partners just chatted it up with Reality Tea’s writer Amy DeVore. They’ve even shared a discount code with us, because these times are hard, and we deserve nice things.

The 411 on RingMyBelle

Amy DeVore: How did you come up with this concept?

Megan O’Brien: RingMyBelle started out of a sense of personal need. Basically, mine. I’m exactly like a Bravolebrity. I don’t have a TV show, I don’t have a butler, I don’t even have a husband-other than that, exactly the same. What I do have is hair and a face and a busy life. Most of the women I know have those same things as well.

Amy: So you saw a need. Then what?

Megan: I lived in Los Angeles and I spent my career in beauty and entertainment, but I wanted a slower lifestyle so I moved to Charleston, SC. I couldn’t believe I couldn’t get these services here. The more I looked the more I realized how much of a need there was for this in all secondary markets. We are probably in your city. The demand has been insane.

Amy: Are you hiring?

Megan: Yes. All of our Belle’s are interviewed, auditioned and background checked. They LOVE the freedom to work when they want! Also, we keep our prices very reasonable and we pay our Belle’s very well. I’m most proud of that!

What services does RingMyBelle offer?

Amy: Talk to me about RingMyBelle’s services.

Megan: We do mobile at-home blowouts, updos, makeup, spray tans, and of course, bridal hair and makeup. Our prices include tip and travel and are about $15 more than you’d pay at a blowout bar. We have also just begun offering what we call our Golden Girls Wash & Set. This is for women in the 65-and-up age group who long for the little luxury of having someone wash and style their hair for them, in the comfort of their own homes.

Amy: I love this. What else?

Megan: Kim Kardashian tapes her face. That’s all you need to know, that and we are the only on-demand beauty provider that offers face taping. Our certified RingMyBelle FaceLift Academy stylists know how to place small tapes strategically at the hairline. The tapes are attached to elastic bands that stretch behind the head. The end result is a look that is ‘lifted’ and taut. It takes 15 [years] off your age!

Amy: Needed. So, how did you transition from a concept into a business?

Megan: The first call I made was to my friend Kavita. I met her when she was covering beauty for the Los Angeles Times and she agreed to partner with me. I was also able to get some of my Bravo friends on the phone and after they heard our pitch they were in.

The Bravo backers

Amy: Which stars are we talking about?

Megan: Cynthia Bailey was my first Bravolebrity. She’s a former model and I knew she would get this right away. She came on board in the fall. Meredith Marks was a holiday present. Countess Luann de Lesseps kicked off the New Year and Guerdy Abraira sprung in spring as our wedding expert!

Luann de Lesseps

Luann de Lesseps
Photo Credit: Jim Jordan

Amy: Why did you partner up with RingMyBelle?

Luann de Lesseps: I decided to partner up with RingMyBelle because, after years of getting into glam, I loved the idea of bringing that concept to anyone, anywhere! Who doesn’t love to get all dolled up?

Guerdy Abraira

Amy: Why should our readers look into hiring RingMyBelle?

Guerdy Abraira: We are an all-female company that strives to empower other women, or anyone for that matter, looking to feel their very best. Many of our company partners have very high standards when it comes to beauty services, so if we approve, we know that your readers will too.

Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey
Photo Credit: Jim Jordan

Amy: Is there a service that’s your all-time favorite to receive?

Cynthia Bailey: As a celebrity, I am constantly doing appearances, photo shoots, walking the red carpets for premieres, and doing social media post collabs and partnerships. My favorite all-time service is getting my hair styled. I am pretty good at doing my own makeup for my day-to-day work requirements, but I am not that great at doing my own hair. I love trying different hairstyles, and RingMyBelle makes it so easy for me to change it up.

Meredith Marks

Meredith Marks
Photo Credit: Jim Jordan

Amy: Likewise, which service is your all-time favorite?

Meredith Marks: My favorite service to receive is my makeup. RingMyBelle’s great makeup artists are true artists and your entire look changes based on the vision.

And finally, a discount code

Megan O'Brien
Photo Credit: Jim Jordan

Just above is an image of a glammed-out Megan. Last week, Megan generously gifted this tired writer with an in-home hair and makeup session, to help usher in my 44th birthday. The results were so fun. Additionally, my stylist Elisangela Vega was top-notch.

Now, it’s your turn.

All that you have to do is head on over to When checking out, type in BRAVO 10 PERCENT OFF GIVE US A TRY. However, you have to act fast. This code will only remain valid until 07/01/2024.

This interview was edited for conciseness and clarity.


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