The Ozempic craze hit Bravo fast and hard. All of a sudden, a lot of our

The Ozempic craze hit Bravo fast and hard. All of a sudden, a lot of our favorite Real Housewives were losing weight at rapid speed thanks to a diabetes drug. Dolores Catania was one of the few Real Housewives of New Jersey stars to be upfront about her decision to try the weight loss fad. The fan favorite has always been a straight shooter when being open about her life. And while Dolo never seemed worried about her weight, she joined the diet tribe, noting shortly before the Season 13 reunion that she wouldn’t come to the “reunion looking any bigger than anyone else, so I got on the bandwagon.”

For the last year, Ozempic has been in the media quite a lot. The drug has traditionally been reserved for helping diabetics lower their blood sugar. Patients who desperately need the drug are struggling to get a hold of it due to it becoming a magic pill. Those who need the pill to help release insulin are now worried that reality stars will get their prescriptions filled over theirs.

Dolo on Semaglutide

After the Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 13 wrapped, Dolores revealed to Andy Cohen that she had been taking Semaglutide for the last six weeks. At the time, Dolores told Andy and Marysol Patton that the only side effect was a lack of hunger. Marysol joked that Dolo was put on the amped-up version of the drug, aka the “train to skinnyville.” Dolores also noted that she had worked with a trainer to obtain a leaner look.

Dolors qualifies for the weight loss drugs

Dolores spoke with The Sun in 2023 about her journey, sharing she was “down 20 pounds” and wanted “to be in the low 130s.” The Real Housewives of New Jersey star revealed that she “took Ozempic, stopped, and then begun Mounjaro.” But Dolores wanted to make known that she is “medically prescribed for both.” Apparently, she is pre-diabetic and has a thyroid issue. While speaking with the news outlet, Dolo explained that she took a break from Ozempic at one point. It became too expensive, “but being healthy and living a healthy lifestyle is cheap – it’s free!”

Dolores has a workout buddy

According to Dolores, she “works out regularly,” noting there is “no easy fix for weight loss.” Dolores has also given up drinking extensively to help with her journey. She also found a teammate in her boyfriend, Paul Connell. The Irish beau has lost 40lbs. She shared via Us Weekly, “I started first, and I made him do it because of his levels.” Paulie was on “blood pressure medication. He doesn’t have to take that anymore. All his blood work is so much better than it used to be.”

But Dolores isn’t in denial about the downside of the diet medication. The RHONJ star shared that while she once loved sweets and Doritos, the medicine now makes her too sick to enjoy those treats, sharing, “That snacking stopped because the medication makes you sick when you’re on it. You have to take Zofran, which is a little nausea pill.”

No shame in Dolo’s game

Dolores opened up about her weight loss journey while on the Sherri Shepard Show with Margaret Josephs. Thus far, the Paterson native has lost 70 lbs. The muscle of New Jersey isn’t backing down from the fact that she is using the highly criticized drug to achieve her high school body. She told the host, “There’s no shame in it. If a doctor gives it to you, if you’re doing things right, you’re becoming healthier by losing weight.”

Dolores isn’t alone

Dolores isn’t the only Real Housewives of New Jersey star to try out the diet drugs. Jennifer Fessler revealed that she had taken peptides that were associated with the diabetic drug on Watch What Happens Live. Margaret shared via People that diet and exercise were not what got her a slimmer physique. The MacBeth Collection founder shared that taking peptides and undergoing hormonal replacement therapy was her secret to success. For Marge, she “wanted to feel healthy and get my body to a place where I’m supposed to be. I feel so lucky to have found something that’s really working for me.”


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