Summer House’s Kyle Cooke Goes Nude on Instagram

Is it hot in here, or is it just Kyle Cooke? In case you missed it, the Summer House OG lit up the internet the other day by posting a couple of racy pictures for his fans. Amanda Batula, please come get your man and take away his phone.

Kyle’s spicy conch pics

On Instagram, Kyle shared two spicy pictures, seemingly from the boat excursion we saw on Season 8, Episode 12. The first pic showed the Summer House star all smiles, abs on display (on display), and with the sun and the sea water glistening off his skin. Then, if you look down, you realize that the only thing covering his nether regions was a seashell. It’s eye-opening, to say the least. The second picture delivered an alternate angle with a close-up of his pecs.

Kyle captioned the post, “Move over cowboy hat, there’s a new shell in town.”

The reviews of the nude pics were mixed. There were some people in his comments who wanted to trade places with the conch. Others didn’t seem so impressed. Either way, the comments drew a wide variety of people.

For example, celebrity photographer and America’s Next Top Model alum, Nigel Barker, randomly slid into the comments. He wrote, “Assuming the crab that created that tiny shell has moved out??”

Another follower wasn’t as excited about Kyle’s Instagram peep show. The fan wrote, “Imagine being 40+, married, and posting sh-t like this. Praying for you dude.”

Of course, a few Bravolebrities dropped into the comments with their reactions. Jordan Emmanuel from Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard dropped a bunch of laughter emojis and wrote, “My God.” Her Winter House costar, Alex Propson, seemed impressed with the pics. Hillariously, he wrote, “That’s a big shell?.”

Perhaps the biggest shocker about these pictures isn’t the size of the shell or Kyle’s extreme tan lines. It’s the fact that there are people in the background of these pictures, seemingly unphased by Kyle standing around with his cheeks out. Once again, we are asking Amanda to please come get her man.

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