Nathan Gallager is coming onboard Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 as one of

Nathan Gallager is coming onboard Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 as one of this season’s newest deckhands. He’s experienced, and from what I can gather, he’s going to be an entertaining new hire. Whether or not his brand is a positive or a negative type of entertainment, I cannot yet decipher. But either way, as long as Nathan’s a solid deckhand, what could go wrong, right?

Famous last words. I’m well aware.

That said, who is Nathan? What can we expect to see from this Below Deck Med newbie? And furthermore, like an annoying work-related email loves to ask, will BDM find this deckie well?

Nathan’s job experience

While Nathan’s fellow deckhands have a minimum of three years of experience in the yachting industry, Nathan’s only arriving onboard with two. According to his Bravo bio, he’s passionate about this industry though, as he loves “Everything to do with boats!” Hopefully, this passion of his translates into a secured position onboard the motor yacht Mustique, despite his greener status amongst his team.

Speaking of his green gangways, on his Insta, Nathan’s not got a ton of images that are related to his time spent over international waters. However, he does have a few from over 180 weeks ago that feature yachts, and underneath one, he wrote “Looking forward to getting back at it.” Under another, he simply quipped “Season thing.”

Likely because he’s newer, Nathan’s not yet coming off as someone jaded by their career choices, like many of us all are, as he has only positive things to say about his industry. “You can make friends with people you’d never make friends with in normal life,” he explains. Aww. That’s kind, and I hope that once Season 9 wraps, he still feels the same.

If not, all good, as other people’s drama makes me feel better about my own life. So I’ll allow it.

Fun facts from Nathan’s preference sheet

Below Deck would be a mess without preference sheets. These filled-out forms let the chefs know what to cook, and what not to cook. They also alert the deck teams as to what water toys they need to prepare, if any. As for the interior team, their guests’ preferences let them know which beverages to serve, and they also include their guests’ absurd demands, such as white gumballs only, but make them available 24/7.

Just like with their guests that come onboard, Bravo also likes to have each cast member, both the new and the returning, fill out a brief questionnaire well before their season airs. In Nathan’s, he’s got a few listed things that make him happy. One of these is “traveling,” though he doesn’t get to do this all that often. Instead, he’s working, noting that he’s “currently saving for a house in Spain,” so his “time off is limited.”

When he’s not working, he’s adding to Bravo’s viewership. His favorite series on this network are “[The] Below Deck franchise and Summer House.” Interesting. Take note, Bravo, as Nathan could now be another crossover cast member, leaving the tropics behind for Winter House.

What I’m the most excited about though is that Nathan loves “Making people laugh.” Yes, please. We’ve had far too many drab, toxic seasons on BDM, so I’m here for the humor.

You know what Nathan’s here for though? Tips. In fact, he just revealed that “The tips I got while on the Mustique (are the biggest). I’ve never received tips like that in my life.” It sounds like this crew knows how to treat their guests well, which hopefully equates to a fun Season 9.

What the sneak peek teases about Nathan

In the Below Deck Med Season 9 sneek peek, Nathan’s seen for the first time, standing right behind Aesha Scott. As she smashes what appears to be a wine glass, Nathan’s arms go up behind his head, laughably unsure of what to do next.

In his next clip, Nathan’s wearing his 80’s best, which means a hot pink leotard, green tights, and a long-sleeved purple top. In between his legs is some sort of glittery white sash, which he’s expertly guiding through his stems in a party-like fashion.

Additionally, it looks like Nathan and Gael Cameron, his fellow deckhand, will be growing quite close this season. In one scene, we hear Aesha stating that he “and Gael were joined at the hip last night.” The camera then shows the pair sitting on bar stools off of the yacht, leaning in towards the other. In response, Nathan explains “We’re best friends. What can I say?”

He then goes on to kiss her in a taxi. Sadly for him, she pulls away, saying “sorry.” Ouch.

Another storyline that might suck involves some team work not making Captain Sandy Yawn’s dreamwork. After being told what to do on deck, Nathan takes to his confessional, stressing that “micromanaging, it’s f*cking annoying.” At the end of this sneak peek, Nathan once again states that things on deck are “a f*cking disaster.”

Count me in, Nathan.


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