Michelle Lally Admits Texting Multiple Men While Married

Jax Taylor confronted Michelle Lally about the damaging rumors floating around about her on this season of The Valley.

During the latest episode, the reality star explained how the rumors came to be and said Kristen Doute was the start of them. “Three or four months ago, there was a girls’ night at my house. You guys all had fun, and I came home, and Kristen was hammered. Then she started talking about you,” Jax said. “I know the kind of person Kristen is. When she gets to the bottom of the barrel, she will do whatever she can to ruin people’s lives. I want you to get ahead of [the rumors].”

Later, Jax told Michelle that Kristen had said she was “texting guys” and a “person on the side.” Michelle replied, “I did tell her, ‘Oh, I met this celebrity, and I was texting with him, and I had coffee with him one morning.’” Jax said, “She told me that you were texting this man sexy pictures of yourself, to which Michelle answered, “She is right. I have been texting multiple people.”

Jesse breaks down in the next episode of The Valley after finding out about the Michelle rumors

Photo Credit: Casey Durkin/Bravo

In the preview episode, Michelle and Jesse Lally clashed over the drama in their marriage.

“I told you I had coffee,” Michelle told Jesse, to which he replied, “And you were sending sexy pictures.”

In another clip, he broke down, telling his friends that his marriage to Michelle was likely over. “I am trying so hard. I think we are done — me and Michelle,” he said.

As the season continues, watchers will get more and more of an inside look into Jesse and Michelle’s marital problems. In March 2024, the reality stars said there’s “a lot that happens.”

“We’ve been together for a long time and married, but you get to see our real struggles. You’re gonna see that we have separated.”

“The storyline of us working on our marriage is a big part of not only our personal life but also part of the show.”

The Valley continues on Tuesdays at 9/8c.


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