Katie Maloney Gets Real About Reunion Drama With Lala Kent

The Vanderpump Rules Season 11 Reunion, Part 1 just aired, and certain characters within got a little bit messy. There’s been a world of hurt on this cast over the years, so this tracks. However, these players’ antics have helped to keep this series alive for 11 seasons now, so, well done, all. That said, Katie Maloney isn’t here for Lala Kent at the moment, as Lala’s insistence on airing it all for the sake of their show isn’t sitting well with this sandwich shop owner, at all.

Let’s review this mess

To backtrack, Ariana Madix and Katie have been trying to open up their shop for a while now. But life keeps life’ing, pushing their opening date farther and farther into the unknown. Then, Ariana’s dreams of performing on Broadway came true, so off to New York she went. According to Lala, Katie then called her to vent, but when pressed to mention it all on-air, Katie said nope.

Lala then called Katie out for this at the reunion. Katie held her own, noting that friends should be able to vent to each other without the fear of it coming back to bite them in the arse. Afterward, Katie took to her Instagram stories, further explaining her side of this narrative. Basically, she’s been suffering “imposters syndrome,” which is relatable af if you ask me.

Katie bites back

Stories are hard to share, but it’s fine, as others did the work for me. Above is a screenshot of Katie’s response, following the VPR Season 11 Reunion, Part 1. It reads as follows.

“I’m someone who has suffered from imposters syndrome for as long as I have known myself. Hence why I was apprehensive about opening the sandwich shop on my own. So when Ariana was going through not only a world of hurt but also getting some amazing opportunities. That changed a lot of things during a pivotal time. I was extremely sensitive to what she was going through but also very supportive,” Katie began.

She then added that she “was dealing with immense insecurity about what I could take on and simply didn’t want to put that on her. I had an emotional response that didn’t feel appropriate bringing to her front door so I went to where I felt safe. Or where I thought I felt safe.”

Thankfully, Katie ended by noting that she and Ariana have since had all of the needed conversations, and these two are solid. Her friendship with Lala, however, is likely not.

The Vanderpump Rules Season 11 reunion continues on Tuesday, May 21 at 8/7c on Bravo.


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