Jennifer Pedranti Wins Estranged Ex To Share Financial Records

Jennifer Pedranti of Real Housewives of Orange County and her estranged husband, William Pedranti, have been squabbling for a big portion of their now drawn-out divorce proceedings.

Jenn demanded sole custody of their five kids and spousal and child support since she’s seemingly been struggling financially. She allegedly owes $133k back rent for a yoga studio space and even had to borrow (possibly shady) money from her fiancé, Ryan Boyajian as she waits for the divorce to be settled.

Luckily for Jenn, she just got a small legal victory. She accused William of dragging his feet and hiding assets in her quest for cash. However, a judge just ordered that William must turn over the gargantuan amount of financial records that Jenn requested.

Jennifer wanted the documents so William’s true worth could be determined

Radar Online obtained court documents showing that a judge granted Jennifer’s motion to compel at a recent hearing.

Jennifer believes that William was intentionally taking longer than necessary to turn over his financial information. He claimed he needed more time to produce the mountain of documents she was seeking.

Jennifer opposed William’s time extension request and asked the court to force William to cough up the documents or face $1,900 in sanctions.

According to the documents, Jenn claimed that William initially claimed to pull in $29k from work and another $10k in business income.

She said William claimed that he no longer makes the $10k from the businesses. But, she wants the records to be able to prove his true net worth.

At the hearing, the judge ordered William to immediately start producing the docs. However, he denied Jennifer’s request for sanctions, due to the enormous amount of info she asked for.

William filed for divorce from Jennifer in March 2022. It was very shortly before she began filming for RHOC, where Jennifer admitted to carrying on an emotional affair with Ryan while she was still married.

Recently, Jennifer asked for child and spousal support from her ex, as well as sole custody of their four minor kids.

As of now, the court hasn’t made a ruling on child or spousal support.

Jennifer probably won’t be borrowing more money from Ryan any time soon. Assumedly much to Tamra Judge’s delight, he’s currently embroiled in a money scandal revolving around Dodgers star, Shohei Ohtani.

Filming for The Real Housewives of Orange County is now underway and Season 18 should premiere in late 2024.


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