Jasmine Ellis Cooper Teases Martha’s Vineyard Reunion

There’s been a lot of drama taking place on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard Season 2 — especially after this latest episode. Thankfully, the group will sit down with Andy Cohen in the clubhouse after the Season 2 finale for their first-ever reunion.

According to Jasmine Ellis Cooper, the taping featured a lot of shade but much-needed resolution. “I think there’s gonna be a bit of resolution, a bit of clarity,” she told Entertainment Tonight. “Definitely some shade, per usual, ’cause that’s just how we are as a group, and I think for me, at least, there is a cohesive understanding of, like, OK, this is what friendships really look like.”

Jasmine had a rocky start to the summer after a tough conversation with her friend Jordan Emanuel. The latter felt Jasmine’s getting married to Silas Cooper ahead of Season 1 changed her — and not in a good way. However, they attempted to make amends during Season 2, and it sounds like they touched more on their relationship during the reunion taping. “I understand that there’s fact and feeling,” Jasmine said. “I understand [her] feelings, but still, my stance on it is factual. [But]I still don’t believe I’ve done anything to [her]but where we are now is friendships ebb and flow. I’m still defining what that looks like for Jordan and I, but I’m hopeful for sure.”

Jasmine feels like she’s in a good place with her SHMV costars for now

Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder/Bravo

If you know anything about this group of friends, you know their drama is anything but surface-level. Although most of the cast found time to address their issues with each other during the vacation, they all hoped the reunion would be the place to say their piece. However, Jasmine (and others) weren’t able to say everything that was on their minds.

“But I feel like that’s just, honestly, life, you know what I mean?” she said. “There’s a lot of us, right? And there’s a lot that happened this summer – and last summer – so I don’t think all of us were ever going to be, like, perfect, squeaky clean. We got it all out. We didn’t have that much time, but I think I got what I needed for this moment right now, just for moving forward.”

If there’s a Season 3 (which there should be), Jasmine said whoever makes the final cast list will bring something special to the series.

“Whoever shows up at the house for the next season is going to make for a magical third season, I think,” she offered. “I think a lot of us are experiencing that this season. It’s a great opportunity for a mirror, and it’s really what you do after that, that defines you.”

Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard continues on Sundays at 9/8c.


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