In an “ahhhhhmaaaaaazzzzzinnnng” turn of events, Aesha Scott will return to the

In an “ahhhhhmaaaaaazzzzzinnnng” turn of events, Aesha Scott will return to the series that made her a household name. When Below Deck Mediterranean Season 9 airs, we’ll see Aesha taking back her spot on Captain Sandy Yawn’s vessel. Only this time, Aesha will be returning as Captain Sandy’s chief stew. If you can recall, back when she first starred on BDM, Aesha was only a stewardess.

I say “only,” but let’s be honest. I could never.

Luckily, Aesha’s skills have only continued to grow in this industry. After BDM, she went on to serve as Below Deck Down Under’s chief stew for Seasons 1 and 2. Here, she found her footing, and her popularity soared.

If I had to best sum up Aesha, I’d say that she’s like the sunshine, but in a human form. I’d also note that Aesha’s equally like a golden retriever, in the best possible ways. She’s almost always positive and happy, even when she’s dealing with charters that are filled with Debby Downers and Toxic Toms. Again, I could never.

But clearly, I love Aesha. Let me now count the reasons as to why, while we wait for her “mind of a boy going through puberty” to pop back up on Below Deck Med Season 9.

When scenes get rocky, Aesha redirects the waves

When we first met Aesha on BDM Season 4, she was working underneath Hannah Ferrier. These two ladies immediately hit it off. In fact, this season’s interior team as a whole was really solid, which is rare. Following this, Aesha didn’t immediately return for Season 5, but Hannah did, and roughly halfway through her season, Hannah got the ax.

Right before her firing, another heavily felt loss rocked their yacht. Chef Hindrigo “Kiko” Lorran was also given the boot, after failing to meet the standards of his captain. These two losses left this season feeling dark, with no hopes for a recovery. Even the crew members onboard grew mopey, which we could all feel through our screens.

But then, Aesha came back to this series. Once she stepped onboard, Captain Sandy introduced her to the new Chief Stew, Bugsy Drake. Clearly confused, but hiding it rather well, Aesha shook Bugsy’s hand, ready to work hard for whatever boss she was handed.

Right away, the moods onboard began to shift. “Our chef just left, Hannah just left, we needed a spice—our boat was getting depressing. She came in at the perfect time. She was fun…she bought in the energy,” Alex Radcliffe stated on a Below Deck After Show.

Malia White also credited Aesha’s presence as a life raft for this season, stressing that “It’s nice to have that one crew member that can constantly have energy because it kinda helps to keep people going.”

No matter what, Aesha’s charming ability to shine a light is high, and for that, I love this Kiwi.

When “Hillarrrrrious” quips are needed, Aesha’s there

At first, I think that Aesha’s raunchy commentary likely startled the masses. I can still remember one of her earlier scenes, where she’s telling her costars about how curious she was as a child. This curiosity saw her reaching up into her bum to “touch her log,” because why not? After realizing that this is who Aesha was, her fellow yachties began laughing, but in the After Shows, they each had a few comments to share.

“She’s so dirty,” said Hannah. When Aesha sat with Anastasia Surmava, a producer asked her to close her legs, to which she replied “Yeah, sorry, am I showing my flaps off?” She then went on to discuss that “one time, in Monaco, I was playing vaginal air guitar…” Anastasia just laughed.

“I think it’s great. Because you just say what other people would never say, but we’re thinking it,” Anastasia finally replied, before Aesha turned the convo over to rim jobs. In all, I love Aesha’s humor, because it brings such a fun, needed shock factor over to BDM.

Literally nothing slows Aesha down

Not only does Aesha have the gift of gab, but she also has this uncanny ability to work through any situation onboard. ANY situation. Once in Season 4, a charter guest became violently seasick. In turn, they couldn’t hold in their sickness any longer, and portions of it hit Aesha, and also one of the cameramen.

“That was my first time! I lost my spew virginity… My spew-ginity,” Aesha joked with the guest, clearly unrattled. She then went inside and quickly cleaned up, only to then return right back to work, as if nothing had ever happened.

I would’ve been dry heaving while standing underneath roughly 3796.9 scalding hot showers. Thankfully, Aesha’s a stronger human than I am, as her ability to work through all situations while smiling is high. This is just another reason why she’s so beloved.

Overall, Aesha’s a solid leader and a supportive friend

Trigger warning, this section includes details involving two separate accounts of sexual assault. To aid in your well-being, please stop reading, if this topic brings you harm.

During Below Deck Under Season 2, we saw a different side of Aesha, where her leadership skills shone, following a drunken night out with her costars. Once they all came back to the yacht, Aesha lay in bed with Margot Sisson, protecting her stew from Luke Jones’ drunken advances. In another scene, Laura Bileskalne also failed to respect her coworker’s no’s. As a result, fourth walls broke, firings took place, and Aesha stepped in for those in need.

In both the good and the bad, Aesha is a constant source of light and comfort for everyone that she crosses paths with. Long live Aesha. And also, hurry up, BDM Season 9.

To get caught up, stream previous seasons of Below Deck Med on Peacock.


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