If you are one of the few who are sleeping on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard,

If you are one of the few who are sleeping on Summer House: Martha’s Vineyardthen please wake up and get on board! The roomies have been friends for years, mainly thanks to the girl’s time as Playboy waitresses. The housemates are bonded and show a sense of genuine happiness when hanging out with one another. The series isn’t just all about drinking in the vacation spot of President Barack Obama. The series also gives a historical background about the island’s African American heritage.

Along with some beautiful ladies, the Bravo gods also blessed viewers with some very attractive men. The Martha’s Vineyard guys are fun, flirty, and intelligent. Each guy brings their own je ne sais quoi to the house share. Most of the time, you’ll see these Bravo guys staying well clear of the drama. But given the opportunity, each one knows how to have a good time and make the most out of their summer.

Alex Tyree

What can I say about Alex Tyree? He is the hipster/hippie everyone needs in their life. The quiet and unassuming creative director is currently dodging grenades tossed by Summer Marie Thomas after their winter hook-up, but don’t let that scare you off. If you like privacy, Nick is the guy for you. He doesn’t love his picture being taken for social media without his consent. And he doesn’t want to advertise his interest in someone right away. So, if you are all about a slow burn, Alex is your dude.

Alex’s main goal in life is to enjoy every day and embrace his job as a music curator. As followers know, Alex is a die-hard journaler and enjoys his daily meditations. Growing up as a preacher’s son, Alex is deeply devout and can keep any girl grounded. Alex could possibly curate the perfect date if you allow him. Just don’t take any selfies. As for Alex’s perfect girl, he looks past her physical appearance and hopes to find a deep connection.

Amir Lancaster

It wasn’t hard to argue that Amir Lancaster was the heartthrob of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard. During Season 1, he was single and had eyes for Jordan Emanuel, but the crush was not reciprocated. Amir is a Texas boy through and through with a heart of gold. He has been working in real estate for the last three years and sells homes that range from $525,000 to $699,000. Amir is the calmest of the bunch and would be a great logical partner to have on your side.

Amir seems to love dinners with no drama, taking shots at the bar, chilling out at the house, and bonding with his friends. I would imagine that a date with Amir could result in a lifelong crush or a built-in best friend. Sadly, Season 2 showed Amir finding love, but a girl can dream!

Honorable mention: Nicholas “Nick” Arrington

Now, technically, Nick Arrington is not single. BUT fans often find him flirting hard with the ladies of the house. Season 1 showed Nick actively sliding into Jordan, Shanice Henderson, and Summer’s DMs. The fashion-forward man of the house tried his best to upgrade his current situation while leaving his girlfriend on the back burner until her reveal in the season finale.

Now Nick is a pretty good catch. Not only could he put together an entire wardrobe capsule for you, but he would have fun doing it. Nick has explained to fans that he was introduced to the world of fashion at a young age, thanks to his mother. Now living in New York City, Nick is a sports brand manager. He loves to run and keeps his figure in check. If Nick ever found himself single, it would be a fun date to attend some of the hottest sporting events in the tri-state area. As a self-proclaimed romantic, Nick could be the prince you’re looking for.

Whichever way you slice or dice it, the men of Summer House: Martha’s Vineyard are all top-shelf. Hopefully, Season 2 will continue to showcase these guys’ fun sides.

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