First off, happy Mother’s Day to all of our readers! You’re all killing it,

First off, happy Mother’s Day to all of our readers! You’re all killing it, even if you feel like you aren’t. With this obvious statement made, last year, we celebrated Mother’s Day on Sunday, May 14. Since this date’s come and gone, five new Bravo babies have been born, all of which are precious.

Wherever you might find yourself today, give yourself grace because you deserve praise and nice things. Speaking of deserving nice things, in 1980, my birth date fell on Mother’s Day. This was (and still is) so great for my mother. As for me, I’ll just be out here getting gypped, receiving one card for both dates combined (it’s fine, I’m fine).

Despite my lie just above, let me now honestly continue, sharing a little more about Bravo’s newest bundles of joy with you all. These seven little angels will be celebrating their mothers for the very first time today. And by celebrating, I mean sleeping and crying, which, same.

Nicole Martin

In 2023, Nicole Martin announced that she was expecting her second child. This Real Housewives of Miami star and her fiancé, Anthony Lopez, welcomed their baby girl Genevieve into their family on March 28, 2024. Genevieve’s birth came as a shock to these two. She arrived via an emergency C-section, a full month before her due date.

Thankfully, Nicole and Genevieve are currently thriving. That is, minus Nicole’s jokes made online, which stress how “fun” her new early morning wake-ups now are. All quips aside, happy Mother’s Day, Martin family.

Paige Chauhan

Paige Chohan, the Real Housewives of Cheshire newbie, just gave birth to her first child with her husband Amir. Their sweet little girl Nora arrived on March 30, 2024. “One week of having happily in our baby bubble and never wanting to leave,” Paige gushed online while gazing adorably at her little bundled-up baby. Cheers to your first Mother’s Day, Paige.

Diana Jenkins

Diana Jenkins is no longer on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but when she was, she spoke openly about her pregnancy loss. Luckily, Diana became pregnant again, and on August 8, 2023, her little girl Elodie Mae Book made her way into this world.

Sanya Richards-Ross

When I first scrolled through Sanya Richards-Ross’ images of her tiny little boy, it was like I could feel my ovaries raging, trying to convince me that I wasn’t done. But alas, I am, unlike this Real Housewives of Atlanta alum. Like so many others though, Sanya’s little boy Asani arrived after a traumatic loss, making her thankful for her Rainbow Baby.

On December 19, 2023, Sanya penned “Good things come to those who wait… and boy are you our GOOD THING!!! Asani, we literally couldn’t love you more. Still in newborn baby bliss…” I’m so happy for you, Sanya. Enjoy your first Mother’s Day with Asani, and your sixth with your firstborn.

Stassi Schroeder

Stassi Schroeder’s living her best life following her time spent on Vanderpump Rules. Last year, she gave birth to her second child with Beau Clark, aka the would-be number-one husband on VPR, should this family ever return to filming. Online, Stassi wrote “MESSER RHYS CLARK, born at 12:04 am on September 7th, 7 lbs 14 oz, 19.5 inches. We love him so much already, send prayers Hartford doesn’t terrorize him.”

Here’s hoping that Beau pours you a tall glass of Pinot Grigio today, Stassi, letting you celebrate your first boy-mom Mother’s Day in peace. Which will likely last for 0.2738 seconds.

Nia Booko

Nia and Danny Booko of The Valley now have three children under the age of three. I can’t. Thankfully, Nia’s a stronger woman than me, and she can. “Fathers Day was extra special this year,” she wrote, adding “We welcomed into the world our two little angels at 2:07pm. Isabelle Marie – 5lbs 8oz and Zariah Rose – 5lbs & 6oz.”

Sweet girls. Just like me, you two now share a birth date with a major holiday. But yours works in your favor, because even when it’s your dad’s day, now it’s really not, because it’s yours, and you will win. So, live well and prosper, little Isabelle and Zariah, but try and let your mom have at least one small break for Mother’s Day, okay?

Janet Caperna

There’s something in LA’s waters, as Janet and Jason Caperna also just welcomed a child into their fold. Their son arrived in December of 2023, with Janet simply writing “And then there were three.” Currently, the Caperna family’s keeping mum, so if you want to learn more about their son, you’ll just have to tune in to The Valley to watch Janet’s pregnancy storyline unfold.

Go have a hot dog, Janet. It’s Mother’s Day. You make the rules.


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