Evangeline Lilly announces her retirement from acting: I am ready

Best known for her role as Kate Austen in Lost, Evangeline Lilly seemed to be on the cusp of becoming the next big thing of the early 2000s.

But now it looks like she’s ready to leave Hollywood behind for good.

Lily took to Instagram earlier this week to announce that she has decided to retire from acting.

Portrait of Evangeline Lilly - Lost

“Ten years from now, where would I like to be? I’m terrified to admit this to the rest of the acting world, but ideally, 10 years from now, I would like to be a retired actress and have… “I have a family.”

“I would like to write and impact people’s lives in humanitarian ways.”

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“I am full of joy and contentment today as I live my vision. Alhamdulillah, I feel so grateful for the blessings I have,” Lily explained in a caption on the clip.

“Stepping away from what seems like the obvious choice (wealth and fame) can sometimes seem scary, but stepping into your dharma replaces fear with accomplishment,” she continued.

“I may return to Hollywood one day, but for now, this is where I belong. A new season has arrived, and I’m ready… and I’m happy.”

Evangeline Lilly - Lost

In a statement issued to diverseLily explained that she has put her career on pause since completing her last MCU project in 2021.

“I’ve actually been on hiatus from acting for the past three years (since finishing work on Quantumania),” her statement read.

“This time outside of work has brought me an unwavering sense of contentment and joy,” Lily continued.

“I could come back tomorrow, two years from now or never, but at the moment I am not pursuing any work in the industry and have no contractual obligations to anyone. I am devoting my time to my humanitarian work and my writing.”

In addition to her work on Lost and her role in the Ant-Man films, Lily also played Tauriel in Peter Jackson’s Hobbit films.

Evangeline Lilly Peck - Lost

In other words, she can retire at age 44.

It appears that Lily is leaving the door open for a potential return, but fans probably shouldn’t hold their breath.

After all, she has seemed indifferent toward Hollywood for several years now.

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In a podcast interview from last year, Lily revealed that she turned down Joss Whedon’s offer to play Wonder Woman and Hugh Jackman’s invitation to join the X-Men franchise.

So, while a return to acting is certainly not out of the question, it seems as though Evangeline is looking forward to spending time with her two kids and focusing on her other hobbies. We wish her all the best.

What about you TV fans? What are your favorite moments from Evangeline Lilly’s short, illustrious career? Hit the comments section to share your thoughts.

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