Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 12 Review: I’m getting by with a little help from my

The worst part of being an emergency doctor is delivering bad news which is tantamount to a death sentence.

In Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 12, Marcel struggled to get the transplant board to allow him to keep a liver while a young patient recovered from an infection, only for it to be changed. last-second notice.

His sudden change of heart made no sense, especially considering Dr. Morris’s arrogance and insensitivity towards the procedure throughout the story.

Risky Transplant - Chicago Med

Why did Marcel change his mind?

Dr. Marcel clashed with Dr. Morris throughout the hour.

Morris was skeptical that this procedure would be successful, repeatedly demanded that someone else receive the liver, and complained that the transplant committee meeting was a waste of time when he did not get what he needed. ‘he wanted.

The climactic scene involved Sharon saying Marcel made the decision and Morris complaining about it. Then, off-screen, Marcel agreed with Morris.

This was supposed to be a surprising twist, but it failed because we didn’t get any explanation as to why Marcel made the decision he did.

Instead, Chicago Med went straight from Marcel disagreeing with Morris to him telling Colin’s father that he had decided to donate the liver to another patient. It seemed abrupt, plot-driven, and nonsensical.

Burn Unit Nurse - Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 12

If Marcel’s mind had been changed by a final impassioned plea from Morris or Sharon, it would have made the story understandable. Instead, he seemed to have given in to an arrogant surgeon who wanted to get what he wanted for no reason.

Marcel told Colin’s father that the infection had prevented Colin from surviving the operation, but he told Morris otherwise at the meeting. No wonder Colin’s father felt betrayed – so did the public.

Marcel should also have been careful not to make promises that he could not be 100% sure he could keep. The committee could have pulled the rug out from under him, or Colin’s infection could have turned out to be more serious than he thought.

Either of these events would have led to Colin being sent home without a new liver, which for all intents and purposes is his death warrant.

It’s a shame that Colin’s father wouldn’t even let Marcel answer the question of whether Colin was going to die. It appears Marcel and his patient have grown apart because of the drama that will haunt Marcel during the season finale and beyond.

A strong scenario in terms of mental health

Neonatal Crisis - Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 12

Chicago Med does a better job with mental health stories, and this one about a burn unit nurse who was overworked and coped with stress by cutting herself was no exception.

[Note: This part of the review discusses self-harm, suicide, and other serious mental health issues.]

Most television shows don’t approach the issue of redistricting in a realistic way. Many times it is portrayed as a teenage problem, and some shows make it seem like kids will eventually outgrow this behavior.

The truth is that anyone can succumb to self-destructive behavior at any age, and people are unable to shake off things like self-harm without professional help. Cutting is a complex problem related to difficulty processing and expressing deeply painful emotions.

Most circumcisers are not suicidal and do not want to die, although they might injure themselves seriously enough to risk their lives, as Jackie did.

Maggie is Worried - Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 11

Chicago Med demonstrated this beautifully through Jackie’s story.

Jackie’s behavior would have been unhealthy even if she had not self-harmed. She worked far too many hours in a high-stress job, probably to avoid the vicarious trauma she experienced at work and her husband’s depression over losing his job at home.

For the most part, Chicago Med avoided tired TV tropes during this storyline, although Jackie’s refusal to accept help and her overly dramatic reaction to being placed on psychic hold were close together.

No one wants to be hospitalized against their will, so Jackie had every right to be upset. But her yelling at Maggie for help seemed stereotypical. She also acted like Maggie betrayed her, but had no anger towards her after being locked in a room for a while.

That last scene between Maggie and Jackie was strange, although it was probably meant to show that Jackie’s head was clearing and she realized she needed help. It made no sense that she felt no anger or resentment towards Maggie for not stopping Dr. Charles from locking her up.

Despite this setback, it was a strong story — and best of all, Maggie had things to do other than feel sad about her divorce or argue with her new boyfriend over whether he should go back to work.

Sharon must make tough decisions - CHicago Med Season 9 Episode 11

How will Sharon cope with Bert’s cognitive decline?

Sharon Goodwin seemed to be in the same negative pattern as Jackie.

She wasn’t actively cutting or self-harming, but she was so focused on helping Bert that she forgot to eat and nearly passed out from hypoglycemia. It’s not good.

Daniel: Are you okay?
Sharon: I knew Bert had lost a step, but I never imagined it would be like this.

It’s also disturbing that Sharon plans to take care of Bert at home, especially when she claims that she’s the only one who can calm him down and then states that she should hire someone to take care of him. him so that he can continue to do so. work.

If Sharon has to pay for someone else to care for Bert, leading to more seizures when he’s confused and scared, why not help him settle into the hospital instead of him treat yourself by bringing it home?

Sharon is the next to burn out. She doesn’t lean on her daughter despite Tara’s desire to help her and refuses to reach out to her sons because she doesn’t want to burden them.

With one episode left in the season and the spoiler video showing Sharon telling Tara that she needs to deal with how bad things have gotten with Bert, caring for Bert herself will likely lead to a disaster that will force Sharon to do faced with the fact that she has to do it. put him in some sort of care facility.

Things Get Complicated - Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 11

Good news on the Ripley/Hannah front

Sully and Lynne continued to push Ripley to be with Hannah, and after Hannah saved their baby’s life, they became even more adamant.

I loved Hannah’s response when Ripley finally told her about her past.

Hannah: I can easily imagine you and Sully getting into mischief.
Ripley: How nothing good could surprise you. Look, I was an angry kid. I did time in prison, lots of mandatory therapy… all to say, if I didn’t completely scare you, I really, really like you.
Hannah: I don’t care who you were. I like who you are.

This was precisely how it should be. It’s not like Hannah has a spotless past herself.

She overcame her opioid addiction, but her introduction to the show on Chicago Med Season 5 Episode 12 involved her meeting Will at a harm reduction center where she attempted to use heroin in a way controlled.

If anyone can understand that people change, it’s her, and she’s unlikely to judge Ripley for his past, although many women would probably (and reasonably!) be concerned about a man who has been victim of violence in his past.

Bipolar Artist - Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 11

I’m not sold on Hannah and Ripley as a couple, but I’d rather they make progress than get stuck in an endless loop of will-they-won’t-they.

Dr. Archer was forced into foster care, and we’re here for it!

Archer’s reaction to Naomi reminded me of the Shaun/Charlie mess in The Good Doctor Season 7.

The difference is that Sharon immediately asserted that it was her job to teach medical students, not to judge them and make them feel like they couldn’t succeed in this field, and Archer listened.

He made a strong turnaround, although I don’t blame him for kicking Naomi out of the treatment room. His inability to intubate nearly cost the patient his life.

His dilemma reminded me of Scrubs Season 1 Episode 1, when JD was afraid to do anything and asked the nurses to do it for him, even though it was taken more seriously on Chicago Med.

Maggie's Love Life Takes Off - Chicago Med Season 9 Episode 10

I like Naomi so far. She’s a significant improvement over Zola and her constant rule-breaking, and I loved Sharon’s advice.

Archer empathized for a change when Naomi finally told him what his problem was too.

Your turn, Chicago Med fanatics.

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Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c. The season finale will air on May 22, 2024.

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