Brittany Cartwright Confronts Jax Taylor About His ‘Straight Up’ Lie

Brittany Cartwright wasn’t here for Jax Taylor spreading a lie that involved her during one of The Valley’s recent episodes.

They hopped on their podcast, When Reality Hits, and Brittany wasted no time calling Jax out for lying. She came out swinging, saying there were “some things” Jaxy Boy had to “clear up.” After, she said, “You straight up lied to everybody and said, ‘Brittany told me that Michelle [Lally] has been texting guys or something.’” Jax began to talk, and if you’ve seen him try to explain his way out of a situation, it likely involves more lies. However, before he could get that far, Brittany cut him off, demanding answers.

“But that’s what you said on the show, so you need to explain yourself because I want to make this very clear. I never told Jax anything about Michelle. I never told anyone anything about Michelle. And you can definitely tell even on the show, I’m not the one spreading things around. I’m not the one telling people.” She continued, saying, “I literally had nothing, no part of any of this. So, I just want to make that very, very, very clear because I love Michelle, and I just feel like that was so unfair that now people are trying to say that I started a rumor where I definitely, definitely did not and would never.”

Jax tries to defend himself against Brittany’s claims

Later, during their conversation, Jax fought back against Brittany’s claims and pushed much of the blame onto Kristen Doute. Brittany argued that’s not what happened based on the footage. However, Jax stood by his version of events, which is that Brittany told him not to mention Michelle’s alleged cheating.

They spent a few more minutes bickering back and forth before Jax decided to shut the conversation down. “We don’t need another argument. It’s just not worth it,” he said.

“I just don’t like being accused of throwing my friends under the bus because I’m so not that type of person,” Brittany replied.

To my surprise, Jax took partial accountability. “And I didn’t mean to do that,” Jax responded. “I didn’t want to throw you under the bus and that wasn’t my intention. The only thing that you told me to do was not to bring it up again after I told you. But again, unfortunately, we are filming a TV show and there’s things that we have to talk about and I had to bring it up.”

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