Bravo fans are celebrating thanks to the news that The Valley is being renewed

Bravo fans are celebrating thanks to the news that The Valley is being renewed for a second season. I’ll be the first to admit that I was skeptical as hell about this spin-off. Mainly because I wasn’t sure I wanted to watch Jax Taylor or Kristen Doute on my television. Both left Vanderpump Rules in a negative light and frankly, I wasn’t convinced we needed to give them another chance. But I am happy to admit I was wrong.

In fact, The Valley did better than expected. Fans who once joined the early days of VPR were now able to relive some of the best moments with the OGs. But with a full cast, it is reasonable to question if some should be let go for Season 2. But if the cutting block is out, whose head should rest upon it?

Jax and Brittany

These two are a hot mess, but their presence is needed in The Valley. I don’t care if they are together or separated; I just need to see Cruz licking the windows more. Jax was the villain I never knew I needed on my screen. His passion for gossip and stirring the pot hasn’t ceased since becoming a husband or father, either. The drama that both these stars bring to the table is savory in all the best ways.

If brought back for Season 2, fans would most likely see the facade of their marriage unravel. I believe Brittany Cartwright would be in her rebirth era- giving zero f*cks about protecting Jax as she has for the last umpteen years. Together, this couple is the glue that holds the new series together.

Nia and Danny

I could do without watching Danny Booko making zombie noises but I could not bear it if Nia Booko and Danny were not asked back for Season 2. They are the most positive couple who just wouldn’t let life get them down. On a show filled with drama, these two brought a levity that was refreshing and needed. We need to protect Nia and Danny at all costs. Nia’s courage in talking openly about her baby blues resonated with viewers who were struggling just like her.

The respect they had for one another also wasn’t missed on me. Nia and Danny never once yelled at each other or belittled. These two taught fans what a positive relationship on reality TV could look like. I found myself enjoying their little cut-away scenes more than I would. And I want to see more of their story.


I fully believe that Jesse Lally was misrepresented at the beginning of The Valley. Both he and his ex-wife, Michelle Lally, were going through the motions of trying to save a failing marriage. At times, Jesse did come across as aggressive, but I believe it was due to his mounting frustrations. The Boston native gave fans some of the most talked about scenes. Now that both he and Michelle are dating new people, I think it would be interesting to film a single-ish Jesse for Season 2. I am curious how different he might be without holding the weight of the world on his shoulders.


If Janet Caperna thinks she can ice Kristen out of reality TV, she has another thing coming. The James Mae founder has tried to claw her way back onto Bravo for years, and there is no chance she will let go of her second coming anytime soon. Kristen did what she promised. She delivered a season full of drama, and it was worth giving the OG a redemption arc.

Kristen single-handedly controlled the Season 1 narrative. Between revealing rumors, calling out Michelle and Janet, and trying for a baby, the former server wrapped the entire season up with a nice bow. If producers do nothing else but keep Jax, Kristen, and Brittany fans will be promised a seriously great Season 2 of The Valley.


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