French judiciary orders ban on IPTV services

“French judiciary orders ban on IPTV services announced that it has achieved new success in the fight against audiovisual fraud following a Paris court decision that ordered the blocking of “IPTV” sites and services that violate the legitimate audiovisual rights of clubs.

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A report obtained by Hespress explained that for the first time in France, a foreign sports body obtained an order under Article “L.333-10” of the French Sports Code, allowing the French authorities to protect their competitions against illegal broadcasting on their territory.

The judge ordered Internet service providers (ISPs) to implement, without delay, all measures to block access to the sites identified by “LALIGA” in its complaint, as well as sites that had not been identified on the date of the decision.

French judiciary orders ban on IPTV services

With this legal decision, “LALIGA” will now submit the case to “ARCOM” (the French public authority responsible for audiovisual and digital media) in order to obtain the administrative blocking of any new website or service that was not identified at the time of the judge’s decision, with the aim of preventing or stopping the broadcast of matches. “LALIGA EA SPORTS” and “LALIGAHYPERMOTION”.

The report stated that audiovisual fraud is a scourge for the development of football, and causes annual losses amounting to several billion euros for “LALIGA” clubs and for an industry that employs more than 194,000 people.

The same source confirmed that behind this illegal practice are criminal organizations that exploit the work and legitimate rights of clubs, audio-visual companies, etc. Moreover, this is done through a black market, bypassing taxes, with consequent harm to the entire society.

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