A story that I loved despite the pain!

Many times, a person finds himself falling in love without feeling any forebodings, and once he falls in love, you find him clinging to his love in all possible ways, trying to sacrifice what is precious and even his soul to redeem his love.

What is more important than falling in love is sincerity in love. Everyone falls in love, but very few are sincere in love. There are people who live on the mere memory of those they once loved.

The story of how I loved him despite the pain:

The story of a girl who was living the most beautiful and wonderful romantic love story with a person she loved and was engaged to. She found a compatibility between them that was unparalleled in existence. She found that all her pain evaporated as soon as she laid eyes on him. She found solace in his tender words and his exceptional attitudes.

Their wedding was only a month away, and one day they met for lunch together between work. The girl was working on a project of hers while the young man had an urgent and emergency meeting. He left the food from his hands and kissed her hand before leaving the restaurant, when the girl heard the sound of screams outside.

Her heart sank and she was certain that her lover had died. She was so certain that she was unable to get up from her seat. A strange girl in the restaurant helped her to get her out. Indeed, she found him lying on the ground, drowning in his own blood. He was a drunk driver who had taken his life.

The girl fell into depression and isolated herself from the entire world. She did not follow any news and even gave up her job and everything in life. Two years passed and the girl was unable to adapt to her life completely. Everyone around her was unable to support her and support her. She was rejecting all types of support and assistance from everyone. She felt that her life had stopped, as the heartbeat of her lover and husband had stopped.

Change lives:

One day, the mother of her late fiancé came to visit her. She was carrying with her a bag in which she collected all the things that her son had prepared for the wedding. She gave her valuable advice. If her son had been alive, he would not have wanted this life for her that she imprisoned herself inside. The girl did not want Getting out of the predicament she had put herself in, but her mother’s advice hurt her, so her sister agreed to leave the house and went to the restaurant whose owner was an old friend of theirs.

The owner of the restaurant came to her and expressed how very happy he was to see her again. He told her that when his wife died, he was talking to her about everything in his life, and this helped him a lot to overcome his pain.

So the girl decided to do the same, but she was unable to imagine her lover before her eyes, so she took out her phone and sent him messages, in which she told him everything.

The surprise was that her late lover’s number had been sold to a young man in his thirties who worked as a critic in the field of music. He was reading her sad letters, which had many meanings that are rare in our time. He had been betrayed by his lover after she decided to separate from him and leave him one week before their marriage.

Every moment of her life, the girl wrote down a letter to her fiancé so that she could get over his separation forever. She returned to her work and tried to channel all of her sadness into work. Indeed, she worked hard on herself and was able to keep up with what she had missed. As for the young man, her letters to him were like a medicine that healed all his wounds. He felt that not all girls were like his unfaithful girl, and that such a girl was a rare coin and lucky to fall in his path. Despite losing her lover and future husband in an accident, she still loved him and adored him and was unable to accept his death. Despite all her pain, she was strengthened by his message. You write it to him, certain that he will not read it.

Meeting and turning point:

One day, the girl wrote a letter about how much she missed attending a concert at the opera like they used to do together. So the young man went to the opera every night, hoping to see the one who had managed to change his entire life, but he was unable to do so. Finally, he was able to get to know her by chance, and when they exchanged… Phone numbers I’m sure it’s her.

The girl was impressed by the way he spoke and the extent of his culture, and that he gave a faithful explanation of the show he saw. She was unable to see the show the way he did.

When she returned home, she wrote a letter telling her late lover about the young man and how he influenced her. In return, the young man was very impressed by her constructive criticism of his personality and considered everything that happened to be a sign of fate to bring them together.

They got closer to each other, and the girl decided to move on with life that would not depend on his departure. She wrote a letter about it, but quickly apologized for it.

Reveal the facts:

One day, she decided to write a letter. The young man was at his workplace and they had joint business, only to be surprised that the message she had sent on his phone was written down!

Despite his dedication to apologizing to her, she closed all the doors in his face, leaving him with only one door left.

He published an article on all his accounts about his love story and how he was betrayed by the first person he truly loved and that he decided to make her a crown on his heart, and instead of her loving him, she stabbed him in the back by abandoning him days before his wedding.

The result of her action was that he lost confidence in all of the opposite sex until he received a letter by chance from a girl who was loyal and loving to her fiancé in an attempt to get out of her crises by not accepting his eternal departure. Her letters became his entire life. Whenever she wrote a letter, he felt that she was the one writing it, and that they were like one soul in two bodies. He didn’t want to lose her and didn’t tell her for fear of losing her.

He asked her for forgiveness, his article was met with widespread marriage, and the girl also pardoned him and finally took off her late fiancé’s wedding ring as a sign of her acceptance of his marriage proposal.

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