5 extremely wonderful religious stories and lessons

With every new day we learn lessons and new things during life, and the most beautiful types of stories and lessons are those religious lessons from which we take sublime lessons and lessons about our true religion.

Every story carries a timeless and countless lessons, so it is necessary to write it down as a reference for those who want to learn the lessons, values ​​and meanings.

The first story:

One of the most useful stories and lessons ever…

“Uqba bin Amer” when he stayed at a house with his army during the fighting, he was told by those around him that it was not a house, so he asked them why, and he was told that it was a place full of wild beasts, serpents, and vermin.

But our master “Uqba bin Amer” did not see a better place than him, so he went out after performing ablution and resorted to God Almighty and placed himself on a high place and addressed the wild animals and the vermin, saying: “O wild animals… O vermin… We are the soldiers of Muhammad, and we have come here.” To raise the banner of Islam and fight its enemies. If you support God and His Messenger, we will leave you and go away. Otherwise, you will leave until your position becomes clear to us.”

The narrator swore, saying: “By the One in whose hand is my soul, every mother goes out carrying her child.”

The lions, vermin, and serpents came out, each carrying its young, and left the entire house to Uqba bin Amer and his soldiers to raise the banner of Islam and fight the enemies of the religion.

The second story:

It is considered one of the most painful stories and lessons ever…

One day, a woman called a preacher to ask him what was wrong. She said to him: “O Sheikh, for fifteen years nothing has happened to me. No fatigue, no fatigue, no weakness. Not even a mosquito touched me. My husband is in very good condition, and my children and everything around me is in the best condition.” “Not at all.”

The sheikh gave her a response that hurt her, asking her: “What sin did you commit fifteen years ago?!”

She was shocked by his question and said: “Sheikh, my husband’s mother was blind, and one day while I was sitting on the ground and she was walking in front of me, I extended my leg and blocked her, so she fell to the ground and seriously injured her head, causing her to lose her life.”

The sheikh said: “You see that God is so angry with you that He did not test you.”

The third story:

One day, a young man went to propose to a girl whom he knew was of religious character, and during the legitimate vision, the girl asked him: “Do you memorize anything from the Holy Qur’an?”

The young man replied to her: “I memorize only a little, but I have a desire to memorize it completely one day.”

He asked her: “What about you?”

The girl replied: “I have memorized Juz Amma.”

The girl agreed to marry the young man when she sought in his heart his great goodness and honesty, and after their marriage she asked him to memorize the Holy Qur’an for her.

The young man decided to memorize it together, and the first surah they began to memorize together was Surah Al-Baqarah. The surahs continued one day after the other until they completed memorizing the entire Qur’an and obtained the ijazah.

One day, while the girl was visiting her family’s house with her husband, her husband told her father, saying: “Your daughter has completely memorized the Holy Qur’an.”

Her father was amazed at his speech. He entered his daughter’s room for a little while and came out carrying many certificates, which were his daughter’s authorizations for the seven recitations of the Holy Qur’an.

The young man was astonished by what he saw. His wife had memorized the Book of God with the seven readings before she married him, and she did not embarrass him, and most importantly of all, she took him by the hand to the path of the farmer, and refused to precede him even by one degree in good deeds.

The fourth story:

One day, while there was a woodcutter working as usual in a forest, he was chopping firewood and making it into piles before transporting it to his house. Suddenly, a young man was running towards him and panting from the severity of the fatigue that was taking over his exhausted body.

As soon as the young man saw the woodcutter, he asked him to help him with his matter, as someone was chasing him and wanted to kill him, so the woodcutter put the young man under a pile of firewood and hid him well until he did not see anything of him and continued his work.

After a short while, the letter saw two men quickly approaching him, and they actually asked him about a young man with the same characteristics as the young man he had just hidden. The woodcutter told them very clearly that he had seen him and that he had hidden him under the pile of firewood, and pointed to it. The two men were amazed at his stance and thought that he was wasting their time while giving the young man time to escape, so they quickly ran to catch up with him.

While the young man left after he was certain of their departure, blaming the woodcutter who had agreed to protect him and help him at the same time indicating his location with complete ease, the woodcutter said to him: “My son, if lying saves, then honesty is always safer.”

The fifth story:

Her mother decided to separate her from her fiancé after an engagement that lasted for two years and a few months before her wedding. For the first time in her entire life, she stood up to her mother to defend her right to remain with her fiancé and with those she loved. Her mother was adamant about the decision to separate, despite the pain her daughter saw in her eyes.

In an attempt by the caring mother to relieve her daughter’s pain, she sent her a message on her phone while she was in a deep sleep in an attempt to escape from her bitter reality…

My beloved daughter, it saddens my heart to see you so sad, but I will be oppressed for the rest of my life, lacking security and happiness, if you continue in these toxic relationships of yours.

My daughter, throughout your life you have always had a strong personality and are not afraid in truth to be blamed by anyone, but now I only see you shaken and lacking confidence in yourself. It saddens me to see you many nights with tears not leaving your eyes. I am your mother who loves you more than herself and I will not let you lose yourself for the rest of the time. From your life, I will heal all your wounds and you will recover and come back better than before, I promise you that.

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