3 very meaningful and expressive children’s stories

Reading children’s stories before going to sleep is a favorite habit among the vast majority of young children. We find that they wait for this story before they go to sleep, and in order to listen to it, they crowd around their parents and perhaps their grandmother to tell their ears the most beautiful, enjoyable and interesting tales and stories.

There are smart parents who derive stories and anecdotes from situations that happen with their children, such as a situation that happened with their son today or yesterday, so they choose a story that touches on characteristics and behaviors that they want to modify in their children. The most beautiful stories are those stories that are on the tongue of animals and birds that find acceptance among the children.

It is very necessary to be very careful in choosing stories for our children, that they be full of good values, goals, and lessons, and at the same time that they be interesting in a fun way to motivate the child to ask for more and get used to telling stories to his ears constantly.

The first story:

A very beautiful children’s bedtime story that gives a valuable lesson that arrogance and refusal to provide assistance to others are outcast traits that bring us nothing but regret…

In one of the forests there were two trees, one of which bore beautiful red apples on its branches, and the other was a green olive tree; Due to the beauty of the colors of the red apples, her tree was extremely arrogant, stubborn, and extremely selfish. She was always bragging about how beautiful she was through the apples, which were a cheerful red color that pleased the beholders. She also deliberately insulted the olive tree, which was completely unlike her.

One day, a group of young children passed by the apple tree and wanted to pick some of the apples, but the apple tree refused to give them its fruits. The tree kept hiding its fruits from the children so that they would not be able to get them. The children despaired and went on their way sadly.

On another day, a herd of sheep passed by wanting to eat some of the tree’s leaves, but they refused to let them do that as well. They refused to let the apple tree out of fear of its beauty because of its beautiful leaves and brightly colored fruits. When the young sheep were unable to catch up with the leaves, they left, but the olive tree screamed at them, so they came. And she fed them with its leaves until they were all satisfied and left very happy.

The olive tree wanted to give the apple tree valuable advice, which was to abandon vanity and help the needy, but it refused to advise it in the first place and continued what it was until the day came when strong winds blew, and the matter did not go smoothly for everyone in the entire forest, and the apple tree lost its branches. Its branches became heavy due to the heavy weight of the fruits and leaves, and its beautiful fruits scattered around it, most of which fell in the water.

The apple tree lost everything that it was proud of its beauty, and it no longer had any of it. Finally, she felt intense remorse for not following the advice of the olive tree. From then on, she pledged to help everyone around her after she appreciated the blessings that God bestowed on her, and she avoided arrogance after she learned the lesson well.

The second story:

A very beautiful children’s bedtime story that gives an example that excessive doubt causes insomnia and many problems, and it can even take a life…

In one of the forests, there was a small rabbit. He often sat alone, isolated from all the animals around him. One day, a frog approached him and offered him her friendship so that they could play together instead of him sitting alone without playing with any of the animals.

The rabbit found himself extremely confused about accepting the frog’s friendship, to the point that he took a long time to respond to her friend request. When he told you what he had done, he asked her to give him his time to think about her offer of friendship and come back to her with a response. The rabbit kept thinking about her friendship and whispering to himself that what she wanted from him and what. She wants his friendship and what lies behind it?!

All of these questions ate a piece of his heart, and led him to the fox to take his advice on the matter. The fox is known for his cunning and cunning, so he took the little rabbit’s fears and turned them into a bitter reality. He convinced the little rabbit to stay with him so that they could think together about the frog, and the little rabbit completely forgot the truth about the fox.

He was afraid of a frog, but he was not afraid of a cunning fox that wanted to kill him. Only the frog, who wanted to help him and get him out of the isolation from which he was suffering, saved him from his hands.

The third story:

On a very hot day, a crow descended from the sky to the ground in search of a little water to quench his intense thirst. Despite his long search, the poor crow found only a little water in a jug.

He tried to reach the water, but he could not. The crow is known to have a keen intelligence, so the crow started bringing some small stones and placing them inside the jug, causing the water level inside it to rise. He continued throwing small stones until the water rose and he was able to quench his thirst and set off on his journey normally.

All this while the owner of the farm was watching what the smart crow was doing, and even proceeded to film it with his phone. He marveled at the creation of God Almighty and His affairs in His creation, and after he finished, he uploaded it on social media so that it became widely spread and popular in many countries around the world.

The lesson of the crow’s story:

You will not find anything you desire in life easy or easy. Rather, you will find obstacles to achieving it in everything. Therefore, you must have determination, persistence, and tremendous strength to overcome difficulties and adapt them to serve your goals and interests. Otherwise, you will not achieve what you aspire to, not on any given day!

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