YouTube investigator Steven Wendsen, known as ‘Coffeezilla,’ accused the intelligence company

YouTube investigator Steven Wendsen, known as ‘Coffezilla,’ accused artificial intelligence (AI) company Rabbit of orchestrating a non-fungible token (NFT) scam and trying to cover it up .

On May 21, Findeisen posted a video on the Coffeezilla channel revealing Rabbit AI’s involvement in NFTs. YouTube Detective noted that the company was previously called Cyber ​​Manufacture Co. It raised $6 million for an NFT project called Gama.

source: Covisela

However, a few years later, Jesse Liu, founder and CEO of Rabbit AI, drew a line between cryptocurrencies and the company’s new image. Wendessen highlighted Lyu’s statements on Discord that the company would “never touch cryptocurrencies.”

Cointelegraph has contacted Rabbit for comment.

Liu also explained that Gamma was just a “fun little project” that he got involved in during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Rabbit founder wrote that he left the project as soon as the game they created became open source.

While Lyu downplayed Gama as a small project, Findeisen revealed recordings of Lyu explaining their grand vision for the NFT project. In the recordings, Liu said they were spending millions on the project to ensure Gamma became a “next-level experience.” Leo said:

“NFTs are just the beginning (…) After NFTs, we have these huge, pioneering ideas about the Gamaverse, and after that we have these huge, pioneering ideas again about clean energy versus the Gama Corner.”

Because of Liu’s promises, Wendsen wondered where the $6 million raised for Project Gamma had gone. According to Coffeezilla, the company claimed that the funds were only used for the NFT project.

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Despite this, Coffeezilla said it still concerns Rabbit because it was built on the remains of Project Gamma. Findeisen also pointed out that the company’s viral R1 product has also been hyped. he said:

“Many of Gamma’s promises have not been kept. This concerns R1 not only because this project is built on the skeleton of this fraudulent project, but also because R1 is similarly inflated.

Besides VinDesen, others believe that the Rabbit R1 product is an “AI hoax.” On January 14, WeGPT founder and CEO Josh Ohlin claimed on Channel X that Project Rabbit was a “scam.” Olin described the company’s product as a quick cash grab designed to attract investors.

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