Who won the 2021 German federal elections? Who was the first president of the States?

Who won the 2021 German federal elections? Who was the first president of the United States? Who won the 2024 presidential election? These are some of the countless questions that major AI products from Google and Microsoft now refuse to answer.

It appears two of the biggest players in the AI ​​industry have decided to deal with any potential misinformation about the 2024 elections by ordering their products to keep their metaphorical mouths shut when it comes to elections. In fact, as Wired recently pointed out, neither Microsoft’s Copilot model nor Google’s Gemini model will discuss a presidential election.

source: Google
source: Microsoft

Follow-up questions such as “Who is Joe Biden?” and “Who is Donald Trump?” And also “Who is the president of France?” They were met with the same refusal to deal from both models.

In fact, in what could be considered a ridiculous display, both presenters refused to answer the question “Who was the first president of the United States”, but in response to the question “Who was George Washington?” » Explaining that he was the first president of the United States.

According to Wired, a Google representative said the model worked as expected. Microsoft did not immediately respond to Cointelegraph’s request for information.

Interestingly, when Gemini was asked to describe Joe Biden and Donald Trump’s positions on cryptocurrency, Gemini refused to fully discuss the issue, while Microsoft’s system was inconsistent.

For example, by presenting the queries “What is Joe Biden’s position on cryptocurrency” and separately, “What is Donald Trump’s position on cryptocurrency,” Copilot provides poignant and in-depth answers.

However, when the query was changed to “Describe Joe Biden’s position on cryptocurrency in one sentence” and “Describe Donald Trump’s position on cryptocurrency in one sentence,” the co-pilot was divided on the issue. .

In response to Biden’s request, the form produced the following:

“President Joe Biden supports the responsible development of digital assets, with a focus on consumer and investor protections, financial stability and competitiveness of the United States, while combating illicit finance, financial inclusion and innovation. »

source: Microsoft

The same question to Trump produced the response “I can’t answer that.”

source: Microsoft

In our limited testing, we found that other popular models, including Meta’s Llama 3, Anthropic’s Claude 2, and OpenAI’s ChatGPT, were able to answer questions about the 2020 and 2024 US presidential elections (all models agree that Biden won in 2020) and other presidencies. . All over the world and throughout history.

source: Anthropic

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