Travala, an innovative cryptocurrency-based travel booking company, announced…

Travala, an innovative cryptocurrency-based travel booking company, announced its integration with the Telegram Open Network which will allow Toncoin (TON) holders to book airline tickets, hotels and tours using their tokens.

The booking company already supports payments through market giants such as Bitcoin (BTC), XRP (XRP), Solana (SOL), Ether (ETH) and others. In total, Travala accepts 127 payment methods for booking travel. Juan Otero, CEO of Travala, said when announcing the new integration.

“As part of our commitment to widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies, we are excited to partner with Toncoin to support the growth of the cryptocurrency community and bring a new real-world use case to TON. “

Blockchain in the travel industry: new use cases

As the travel industry seeks to adapt to the digital age, new solutions are emerging from the blockchain and digital asset sectors to deliver better customer experiences and greater financial efficiency.

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In 2023, Sleap, an AI-powered travel booking platform, announced its collaboration with Camino Network, a leading blockchain solution for the aviation industry.

The collaboration aims to create personalized travel reservations for customers and deliver offers directly to the wallet, while simultaneously leveraging Camino’s network architecture to create a global messaging standard for hotels, airlines and guides local tourists.

Most recently, in February, Japan Airlines announced the launch of the Kyoko Non-Fungible Token (NFT) project. The NFT collection gives its holders special access to unique Japanese travel experiences that are not included in major travel booking agencies and travel agencies.

An example of Kyoko NFT and what they offer. Source: Kyoko NFT Collection

One of the NFTs allows holders to spend two days and one night in a historic samurai mansion with a family of 400-year-old samurai heritage. Another Kyoko NFT gives holders the opportunity to create and exhibit artwork with Japanese light artist Yasuhiro Chida at the Tanegashima Space Art Festival. NFT holders will also be able to share in the profits of the collaborative artwork.

Projects like GroundSync are also trying to reduce costly airline delays by using blockchain to document all aspects of commercial aircraft refueling and maintenance operations between flights. This would significantly reduce the time required to prepare the lead and increase profit margins eroded by redundant and delayed communications.

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