The price of Bitcoin (BTC) has moved little over the last 15 days

The price of Bitcoin (BTC) saw little movement in the 15 days leading up to the June 7 sharp decline, approaching all-time lows seen in all 15-day periods in Bitcoin history.

The period between May 24 and June 7 ranked in the “lowest 6% of events” in terms of volatility, according to Rafa Zagori, chief investment officer at Swan Bitcoin.

“The horizontal blue line represents the latest 15-day rolling volatility figure of 23%. This certainly seems close to the bottom, Zagoury explained in a June 7 article on

Source: Rafa Zagori

After a 15-day period in which it traded within a 7% range, oscillating between $66,936 and $71,656, Bitcoin price fell sharply by 3.33% to $69,264, according to data from CoinMarketCap.

This decline follows the publication of the summary report on the employment situation in the United States, which published stronger employment growth than expected, a sign that inflation rates may not be lowered by the US Federal Reserve on June 11 – a move recently closely watched by analysts for Bitcoin price predictions. .

At press time, Bitcoin is trading at $69,246.

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However, Zagoury pointed to Bitcoin price results in previous periods that saw similar or less volatility. Over the next 30 days, the average return was 20.95%, with the minimum return being 32.06%, while the maximum return was 218.40%.

Over the next 365 days, the results became more significant. Although the minimum return for this period is 55.59%, the average return is 820.82%.

Zago stressed that although there is no indication of the future, he believes it is “useful to learn from the past.”

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