The American fast food chain McDonald’s launched the “My Happy Place” program in

American fast food chain McDonald’s has launched its “My Happy Place” program in Singapore, allowing residents to create virtual burgers and participate in other activities.

McDonald’s Singapore has partnered with Bandwagon Labs, the transformational arm of entertainment media technology company Bandwagon, to create an in-app virtual world for its customers.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Clarence Chan, founder of Bandwagon Labs, highlighted three key aspects of McDonald’s transformation:

“It’s a multiplayer game where players can see other people in the world with them. The Metaverse is a creative canvas where we allow users to show their creativity. Third, it is full of daily rewards with different challenges that activate the reward mechanism.

A starting point for the McMetaverse

Additionally, Web3 technologies are used to improve the security, functionality, and use cases of digital collectibles curation. “By integrating wallet hosting services like MetaMask, we allow you to securely authenticate your identity and participate in token-secured activities within the metaverse,” Chan explained.

Source: Bandwagon Laboratories

According to the announcement, McDonald’s has full control of the in-app Metaverse. The project will be available for one month, from June 6 to July 7, and its success will determine future deployments or continuation of services.

Chan married into the world of the Metaverse and highlighted the technology’s potential to build customer loyalty and engage fans. However, he said that current Metaverse experiences are interrupted by third-party hosting.

“Additionally, the lack of tangible rewards for people using the Metaverse can sometimes turn off a large portion of the public. »

Metaverse for Effective Fan Engagement

Chan believes Bandwagon Labs has solved these problems for McDonald’s. “Not only can users share and play with their friends, but they can also earn tangible rewards, like fries, by participating on our platform,” he concluded.

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Magic Leap recently announced a “multi-faceted strategic technology partnership” with Google to develop new extended reality technologies.

The partnership will showcase Magic Leap’s advancements in optics alongside Google’s infrastructure, according to a statement from Julie Larson-Green, CTO of Magic Leap:

“This partnership accelerates the transformative power of augmented reality by combining our extensive visual capabilities with Google technologies to continue to deliver immersive experiences to the developer ecosystem and customers. We look forward to expanding the capabilities of XR – blending the physical world with valuable, contextually relevant solutions.

The press release did not describe any actual products or announce any potential services.

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