The accounts of a series of influencers and celebrities in the sector have been hacked

The X accounts of a series of industry influencers and celebrities were hacked over the weekend, leading to the theft of everything from Luna2 and ORDI to celebrity-inspired coins.

Among the latest victims is Gigantic-Casocked-Rebirth – known as GCR – a pseudonymous cryptocurrency investor known for profiting from contrarian trades – who confirmed his X account had been hacked.

GCR’s X account posted on May 26 about ORDI and Luna2.0, temporarily sending both tokens up 6% and 274%.

Many commented that the hacker could have used the account to purchase a small coin, but chose to post both codes instead, resulting in limited gains.

“The GCR hacker reached into the bag,” said crypto analyst Miles Deutscher.

“Bro could have chosen any incredibly small cap for 10-20x pumping, but he chose to ditch the ORDI and LUNA2 for a measly 10% wick.”

ORDI (ORDI) has already accumulated a market cap of $856 million, so it has less upside than smaller coins.

Source: GCR

However, the GCR hack could be just a small part of a larger attack on Celebrity X accounts, the community warns.

“GCR actually told us today that an operation was underway to hack large Twitter accounts,” revealed Udi Wertheimer, Bitcoin developer and commentator at Ordinals.

“As more and more niche celebrities launch meme coins at the minute – on a long weekend when the platform engineers are away – I recommend being very careful.”

Rich The Kid releases RICH memecoin

The X account of American rapper “Rich The Kid” (Dimitri Leslie Roger) posted a link for his 2.3 million followers to purchase the new token “RICH” – which was launched on memecoin generator Solana .

It collected a market cap of $90,000 within the first two hours of its launch, according to data from DEX Screener.

No statement has been released confirming whether or not Rich The Kid’s X’s account was hacked, but the post has been deleted.

Source: Riche le Kid

Deepfake or Caitlyn Jenner?

Around the same time, a new coin “JENNER” was promoted through the X account of American media personality Caitlyn Jenner – which has already accumulated a market capitalization of $4.7 million since its launch ago about four hours, according to DEX Screener.

Many industry experts also believe that these posts are the result of a hacker. This was made all the more convincing as it crosses two social media platforms and also includes several videos showing Jenner confirming that the cryptocurrency token and posts are real.

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“Yes, these cryptocurrencies on my account are real,” Jenner’s video told her 3.3 million followers on my account.

“If you want to participate in this matter, hurry up, okay, come in now.”

The code JENNER was also launched on Interestingly, the cryptocurrency wallet published by Jenner is the same wallet published by adult content creator Kazumi, which was hacked to promote the coin “ZUMI” on May 20.

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