Telegram’s massive user base has proven to be a new area of ​​currency adoption.

Telegram’s massive user base has proven to be a new area for cryptocurrency adoption with the growing popularity of viral games like Notcoin.

It took Notcoin less than two months to attract over 30 million users on Telegram and create TON-based cryptocurrency wallets.

“Idle game”. As users touch their screens to get the NO symbols, 1% of Telegram users have been onboarded to Web3. The subsequent listing of NOT tokens on high-profile cryptocurrency exchanges also brought a financial boon to ordinary players.

Inal Kardan, Head of Gaming at the TON Foundation, spoke exclusively to Cointelegraph about blockchain gaming’s unparalleled ability to attract new users to the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

The number of Web3 players will reach 500 million by 2028

“Notcoin gained 35 million users in five months and showed us how games can work on Telegram and how easy it is for users,” Cardin said in an interview at Next Block Expo in Warsaw .

The head of games at the TON Foundation said that many Telegram-based games quickly attract large numbers of users and revenue by following similar models that exploit marketing mechanisms such as sharing and mining within from Telegram.

Inal Kardan, Head of TON Games, shared his insights on the growth of Notcoin on Telegram. Source: BNC

Cardin described Telegram as an “accessible and somewhat untapped distribution channel” using existing Web2 technologies and integrated with web page extensions and blockchain functionality.

Cardin also highlighted the shift from “play to win” models seen in popular Web3 games like Axie Infinity. Games like Notcoin are taking newer approaches, which include traditional monetization methods like advertising.

Casual games are suitable for Telegram, TON

Yat Siu, co-founder of blockchain gaming company Animoca Brands, told Cointelegraph that the ability to use viral growth mechanisms that were previously possible on Facebook or the App Store has contributed to the success of Web3 games on Telegram and your.

Siu said Web2 players are removing these mechanisms because reducing liveness is better for advertising as a business:

“Neither Apple nor Google have been as flexible with Web3 games on their platforms as TON and Telegram. This is also the competitive advantage in construction and growth that TON gets here.

Siu admits that idle clicking games have always been popular. However, the style of user engagement in games like Notcoin is a key differentiator.

“Notcoin’s approach has much better value for end users and provides growth incentives that are more aligned with the adversarial nature of Web2 advertising business models,” Seo added.

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The data doesn’t lie either. Siu is referring to Gamee, a Web3 gaming company that actively publishes casual games on TON and Telegram. The company engages its users through idle and staked gameplay mechanics. As a result, Gamee’s average daily active users rose to around 1 million.

Yat Siu, co-founder of Animoca Brands, on stage in Warsaw. Source: BNC.

The Animoca co-founder also points out that many Telegram users are already crypto natives. This mix of Web2 and Web3 players is found in a common ecosystem.

“Personally, I see the rise of TON, Telegram and cryptocurrencies as related to each other, not in the sense that their spirit and mission are compatible, but in the sense that they share the spirit of freedom, digital property rights and decentralized mentality,” Seo said.

Game developers are turning to the TON ecosystem

Michal Dabrowski, CEO and founder of Elympics, which provides infrastructure for blockchain games, believes that Web3 games are poised to attract new cryptocurrency users.

Dabrowski told Cointelegraph that game developers have historically struggled with monetization mechanics. Blockchain-based infrastructure fills this gap, allowing studios to use cryptocurrency wallets to incentivize and engage players.

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Elympics sees huge potential in the TON ecosystem, which is closely linked to Telegram’s huge user base. Its infrastructure aims to help studios and developers publish Web3 games on these platforms.

“Notcoin is a great example of this. He exploited the viral aspect of a social platform like Telegram. “Participation is an important part of mechanics,” Dabrowski said.

The Olympics CEO adds that the Web3 feature revitalizes the dormant gaming genre. Soft currencies, which players earn in-game, are now monetized, giving users ownership and value of the time they spend playing.

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