Social media platform Twetch – a competitor to Web3

Social media platform Twetch – a Web3 competitor to X that runs on the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain – was unexpectedly shut down on June 6 without notice.

Soon after, many cryptocurrency investors found themselves unable to redeem or trade non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and virtual collections. In response to an investor, the company said: “We are working on it. »

Twitch says “goodbye”. Source: Twitch

The Twetch site did not explain the reasons for its possible closure. However, as of this writing, users can still download the Twetch mobile app from the Apple and Google app stores.

Source: Twitch

Bitcoin SV was founded by Craig Wright, who has been trying to claim credit for the creation of Bitcoin (BTC) for years.

On March 14, a British court ruled that Craig Wright was not Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of the Bitcoin network.

It is important to note that Josh Beatty was the CEO and founder of and that BSV had no connection to Wright.

Leave behind a legacy of wishful thinking

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In a subsequent tweet, Twitch indicated that the social media platform may still have a future. The company aims to keep the idea of ​​Twitch alive by opening up its code.

“We’re also seriously considering open source, so everyone can develop whatever version of Twetch they want.”

Challenges Facing Web3 Platforms

While competitors like Twetch struggle to attract a solid user base, X faces a different set of challenges.

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Hackers on X continue to hijack prominent social media accounts to dump fake investments and cryptocurrency funds. Recently, unusual activity on the Near protocol

source: Close to protocol

Several tweets came out of Near Protocol’s official X account, asking its 2 million followers to “take back your sovereignty,” among other unusual directives.

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