Sky co-founder Mavis says Web3 games won’t use Discord channels

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Sky co-founder Mavis says Web3 games won’t use Discord channels forever

Discord community groups for blockchain games can be difficult and annoying to navigate, but don’t worry, they won’t be around forever, according to the co-founder of the company behind the hit game Axie Infinity.

“The reason why these games use Discord and Telegram to create their communities is largely due to the control of these publishers or app stores, because blockchain games cannot be distributed from normal channels like iOS in the same way. way than others,” Alexander Larsen, COO of Sky Mavis, tells Web3 Gamer.

For this reason, blockchain games were at a disadvantage to traditional games from the start, and developers were forced to find other ways to get the message out without relying primarily on mailbox messages.

“So you are forced to create your own distribution channel which is basically Discord or your own mailing list so that you can reach players in a noble way.”

Video game company Valve has long made it clear that content related to cryptocurrencies or non-fungible tokens (NFTs) will not be allowed on Steam, its online retail platform.

However, Larsen believes that as blockchain games become more widely adopted and more popular titles emerge, harsh anti-crypto statements from game publishers will disappear. When that happens, rallying the community and reaching your target audience will be easier than relying on Discord, as many developers now do.

“I think we’ll see a little bit more of that in terms of distribution platforms that game studios will be able to leverage so they can build their first 1,000 true fans and their first 10,000 users through traditional means,” says -he.

Larsen knows his stuff quite well: he’s one of the co-creators of Sky Mavis’ blockchain-based game Axie Infinity, which peaked at 2.8 million daily active users.

Now, with the launch of Ronin Forge, he’s using his knowledge of creating blockbuster games to help developers achieve the next big thing.

This is an early access program for experimental Web3 games, providing certified game developers with a $50,000 grant, technology infrastructure, and access to build on the Ronin network, an Ethereum sidechain which hosts Axie Infinity.

It looks for games with potential for mass adoption and those that can stand the test of time.

“What we’re looking for now is more sustainability in these games, ensuring that these economies last longer, and that can only happen as games get richer from a metagame perspective “, explains Larsen.

He also doesn’t like mediocre games with great graphics.

“I would say we need better quality games, not better quality in terms of graphics, but better quality in terms of storytelling,” he says.

“That interests me more than fancy graphics,” he says with a laugh.

Ronin Forge is now taking orders with up to six teams on an ongoing basis. Ideally, applicants should have a game in late alpha or early beta, with a goal of a global launch within three to six months.

SocialFi’s ’emotional’ connection is essential for big spenders

SocialFi could be the key to attracting Web3 gamers for longer and spending more money, says Allen Ng, co-founder of OpenSocial Protocol.

“We tend to spend more time and money when we are not alone. “The average time and money spent on mobile games is much higher than that spent on consoles,” Ng told Web3 Gamer, reiterating that SocialFi – a combination of social media and decentralized finance (DeFi) – could be the key to promoting blockchain. -based games. At the same level of success achieved by Pokemon Go from Niantic and Clash of Clans from Supercell.

“The most successful mobile games, from Clash of Clans to Pokemon Go, all have a strong social layer that improves user retention, gaming experience, and ARPU (average revenue per user),” he said.

Ng explains that the social aspect increases competition among users and, in a way, gives them bragging rights – which is an important aspect of social media. He cites platforms like X as a great example.

“X, basically, is a game of social status, who will be retweeted the most and who will make fun of the “opponent” who has an opinion different from mine,” he says.

“Web3 Social is needed to facilitate transactions between games, not just between players and the game,” he adds.

Ng points out that ultimately, when it comes to the basics of gaming, people play online games to hang out with their friends.

“You create feelings and bonds between players or between teams. He adds: It won’t just be about you and the “Matrix” anymore.

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Sure, it’s fun to see all the weird usernames, but it’s the camaraderie that really matters.

“Social communication is a crucial aspect of video games. “You play online games because your friends are there,” he says.

OpenSocial recently launched a $15 million ecosystem fund to “enable” the next generation of Web3 social applications.

Ng explains that his first decentralized application (DApp), SoMon, also known as “Social Monster”, is a Reddit-like forum with true community ownership, configurability of the UI layer and user interface layers. financial incentives.

“We expect strong player adoption of SoMon, not only because of the rewards and monetization mechanics, but also because it’s a fun experience to discuss the games we love and connect with people like-minded,” says Ng.

Built on Epic Games Unreal Engine 5 and powered by the BNB series, MetaRun is a very simple running game: just run as far as you can, dodging enemies and objects, and collecting rewards.

This is actually one of my favorite games so far because for some reason I like frustrating games that don’t really satisfy me…

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This game looks easy, but you know how it goes. Fall onto the stick and start again. Collide with the enemy and start again. Set a new high score, spend the next few hours trying to beat it, then come across another stick and repeat.

If you are a fan of popular arcade games like Temple Run, Jetpack Joyride or Subway Surfers, this game might be worth a try if you also want to earn some cryptocurrencies for your time.

You can collect Opal (OPAL) cryptocurrency tokens to win runner battles. You can also create your NFT character by participating in battles and then sell your NFT on the MetaRun marketplace or keep it.

There are a variety of different maps that you can explore, which adds a lot of content to the game compared to the same old maps that you see in other arcade games.

These maps are more detailed than those in other running games.

Sometimes I feel like I’m running across Europe. Other times through the forest.

The sound and style reminds me of Crash Bandicoot. If you’re a fan of this 1996 classic, you may also be feeling a little nostalgic for this mom’s basement.

The graphics are sharper than Crash Bandicoot, but let’s be honest: arcade games like this don’t need stunning graphics to be fun.

Other news

– Sky Mavis announced that with the help of Norwegian authorities, it has recovered $5.7 million following the infamous Ronin Bridge hack in 2022.

– Metaverse The Sandbox just secured $20 million in a funding round for a max valuation of $1 billion.

– The Arbitrum Foundation, the team behind the Ethereum-based layer 2 network Arbitrum, has committed to allocate 225 million Arbitrum tokens (ARB) worth approximately $215 million to be distributed over three years via the new Gaming Catalyst program.

– American fast food chain McDonald’s launched the “My Happy Place” program in Singapore, allowing locals to make virtual burgers and participate in other activities.

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