Several US politicians reportedly asked President Joe Biden and his business unit

Several US politicians have reportedly asked President Joe Biden and the Hostage Unit to attempt to repatriate Binance employee Tigran Gambaryan, who has been detained in Nigeria for more than three months on charges of money laundering and tax evasion.

In a June 4 letter to President Biden, Secretary Anthony Blinken, and Presidential Hostage Envoy Roger D. Carstens, 12 U.S. politicians stressed that Gambarian remains “illegally detained” by the Nigerian government and that measures should be taken now before the situation worsens.

“We fear for his life. It is necessary to act immediately to ensure their safety and preserve their lives. “We must act quickly before it is too late.”

U.S. politicians specifically want the president’s special envoy for hostage affairs to take on Gambarian’s case, said the letter, shared by Fox Business correspondent Eleanor Terret.

The letter, signed primarily by members of Congress, says Gambarian is accused of several “baseless” crimes, including money laundering and tax evasion, which they say are part of a coercion tactic used by Nigerian authorities to extort Binance.

Source: Eléonore Terret

Gambarian, who is responsible for financial crime compliance at the cryptocurrency exchange, visited Nigeria on February 26 after the Nigerian government invited him to address Binance’s compliance issues in the country .

However, after two meetings, described as starting professionally and then becoming increasingly hostile, Nigerian authorities arrested Gambarian.

The Binance CEO is currently residing in the “infamous” Kugi Prison in Nigeria, known for its harsh conditions. US politicians said he was fighting “for his life in a prison cell designed to hold ISIS fighters”.

US politicians said Gambarian had since tested positive for malaria and that a court order sending him to a private hospital for special treatment had not been complied with.

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Gambarian was denied bail on May 18. Four days later, on May 22, Gambarian failed to appear for his scheduled court hearing. The court, prosecutors and defense team did not know where he was or his condition.

American politicians said Gambarian was present when the court met the next day. But they said his physical condition had declined noticeably.

“When the judge asked Mr. Gambarian to step forward, he was unable to stand and ultimately collapsed to the ground.”

U.S. politicians also said Gambaryan was not allowed to meet with his legal team without Nigerian authorities and armed guards present.

Before joining Binance, Gambaryan was a federal agent and worked for the Internal Revenue Service for ten years.

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