Sandbox, a decentralized gaming platform, announced the launch of its decentralized autonomous organization

Sandbox, a decentralized gaming platform, announced the launch of its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), The Sandbox DAO.

The DAO initiative will be implemented in three phases, allowing holders of sandbox (SAND) and virtual land – non-fungible tokens (NFT) that represent in-game pieces. Owners and NFT owners can vote on projects and suggest improvements via Sandbox Improvement Proposals (SIPs).

The first phase begins on May 28 and will allow the community to vote on the SIPs; However, Sandbox employees will still manage some operations.

In a discussion with Cointelegraph, the Sandbox team said:

“The Sandbox DAO allows the community to help shape and drive the growth of the platform and its ecosystem. Whether it’s deciding how to allocate critical funds to the next Game Jam theme, community members will have a say in how this platform evolves and what the company’s direction is.

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The second phase of DAO implementation is considered the “exploration” phase and is expected to see Sandbox DAO grow independently – separating itself from its parent company.

By Phase 3, the DAO is expected to be fully operational and enable community-led governance.

The Sandbox team explained the rationale for the three-phase rollout, telling Cointelegraph:

“First, we want to ensure a thoughtful and well-executed launch. This allows us to test and iterate the DAO functionality, allowing us to learn from any challenges and make adjustments as necessary. Second, we recognize the importance of setting ourselves up for long-term success. We take a thoughtful and measured approach to ensure we are poised for sustainable growth.

The Sandbox team also announced the creation of a leadership team consisting of a board of directors and advisors to help guide the DAO. The Council is ready to work with trusted partners to help develop the DAO, while advisors are able to provide advice and expertise.

Board members include Sébastien Bourget, co-founder and COO of The Sandbox; Yat Siu, president of Animoca Brands; Shannon Snow, director of operations at Women’s World; and Jean-Michel Pilhon, founder of Grail Capital.

When asked how the board would remain accountable to its roles to the community, The Sandbox told Cointelegraph:

“The Council reviews all SIP programs and provides feedback. They meet every two months to review SIPs and can veto proposals based on legality, lack of alignment with the DAO’s vision, or redundancy.

Community members who owe five SANDs or one LAND can vote on three initial SIPs that are considered “foundational proposals to initiate DAO operations.”

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