He will face off against Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the presumptive nominees for the US presidency in 2017

Joe Biden and Donald Trump, the presumptive nominees for the US presidency in 2024, will face each other for the first time in four years in a debate in June.

In a post dated May 15, President Biden said He said He had received and accepted an invitation from CNN for a presidential debate on June 27, challenging Trump to respond. The former US president reportedly accepted the event’s date in a statement to Fox News, saying he was “ready and willing” to debate President Biden in an earlier post on his social media platform Truth Social.

Trump has been asked to appear in a New York courtroom as a defendant in a criminal trial involving secret payments to an adult film star and fraudulent actions related to the 2016 US presidential election, but the presiding judge is attending to other matters on Wednesdays. It is unclear whether his other pending criminal cases in the District of Columbia, Florida and Georgia could conflict with the June debate.

If confirmed, the debate will take place before Trump or President Biden formally accept their party’s nomination for US president. The Democratic National Convention and Republican National Convention are expected to be held in August and July, respectively. Independent candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr., trailing President Biden and Trump in the polls, claimed He has been “excluded” from the discussion.

While running to become the Republican Party’s nominee for president, candidates Vivek Ramaswamy and Ron DeSantis often discussed issues related to cryptocurrencies and central bank digital currencies. On May 8, during a dinner for supporters who bought his non-fungible tokens, Trump said he was “good with” cryptocurrencies in the United States. However, the former president has previously referred to cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) as a scam.

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Many lawmakers and industry leaders who appear supportive of President Biden have called on him to consider how crypto-focused people vote in 2024. Some noted that the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has brought several enforcement actions against cryptocurrency companies under Biden administration. Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren is attacking digital assets through legislation and public statements.

source: Tyler Winklevoss

Although President Biden rarely speaks about digital assets in person, he has used his position to oppose legislation and policies that many in the field reject. On May 8, while the House was considering passing a joint resolution that would overturn the SEC’s policy on banks holding cryptocurrencies, President Biden said he would veto the measure. The resolution was passed in the House of Representatives with the support of 21 Democratic representatives, and is scheduled to be presented to the Senate.

The last time President Biden and Trump faced off in person was in September 2020 at the first US presidential debate at Case Western Reserve University. Trump’s former chief of staff, Mark Meadows, later claimed in his book that the former president had been diagnosed with Covid-19 days before the debate but had concealed the results.

Neither then-candidate Biden nor Trump discussed cryptocurrencies or blockchain during the two debates. At press time, President Biden’s campaign website did not have an “issues” page for his policy positions, while Trump’s website included his position on the economy. Neither signatory specifically mentioned digital assets.

“Many crypto owners are single-issue voters, and we risk losing them in this presidential election.” He said Democratic Representative Wiley Nickel in a May 11 post.

Since none of the major US presidential candidates have specific positions on cryptocurrencies at any point, it is unclear whether the technology will be a topic during the June 27 debate or the second debate scheduled for September 10. Election Day in the United States is November 5. .

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