Gresini Racing has partnered with MotoGP Guru and Animoca’s SPORTPASS

Gresini Racing has partnered with MotoGP Guru and Animoca Brands’ SPORTPASS to launch a fan-powered motorsport sponsorship program. This initiative will allow MotoGP fans to purchase personal team care packages starting from €125.

Speaking to Cointelegraph, Graeme Waring, founder of WePlay Media, discussed the biggest challenge in rolling out MotoGP sponsorship packages that fans can access:

“The biggest challenge is selling it, like anything else. Finding a product or product-market fit when launching something new that has never been done before is always a challenge.

According to Warring, WePlay Media, the games studio behind MotoGP Guru, has developed the organizational infrastructure and on-ground teams needed to “bring to life” the IRL experiences.

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Effects of decentralization

The decision to provide care at a fraction of the normal cost makes this product accessible to a more diverse audience and less exposed to the risk of centralization.

As a key talking point in the cryptocurrency space, Waring said the fan sponsorship program has the potential to decentralize ownership of MotoGP teams and allow their fans to get much more involved:

“Decentralization as a concept is at the heart of this program. Instead of large corporate sponsors controlling the sponsorship space, we are innovating around the decentralized theory of direct fan ownership of the fan experience.

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Discussing the future impact of decentralization on the world of professional sports, Waring told Cointelegraph:

“Who knows how this will work? Let’s see. Decentralization has played a role in leveling the playing field in many contexts, and it can do so here in professional sports.

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Care program

Sponsorship packages will provide fans with VIP Paddock experiences at 2024 Grand Prix events, name placement on motorcycles and team positions, as well as exclusive events.

Fans with a team sponsorship package can also join Zoom calls with team members, personalized merchandise and have a chance to win a Ducati Panigale V4S used by Marc Marquez.

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