GameFi projects, a darling of the cryptocurrency industry that has captured attention

GameFi projects, the darlings of the cryptocurrency industry that captured investors’ attention during the 2020 to 2022 bull run, have made a long-awaited comeback as Bitcoin (BTC) eyes all-time highs.

On May 15, Ethereum game studio Web3 Immutable announced the launch of its flagship title, Guardians Guild (GOG), on Google Play and the Apple App Store. Guild of Guardians sees players venturing into Elderym, a world on the brink of destruction at the hands of the Dread. To save the world, players assemble a team of Guardians to embark on a fighting adventure through dungeons and bosses while earning GOG token rewards.

According to Immutable Games Director Chris Clay, the team plans to showcase Immutable Passport and Immutable zkEVM. “The past 15 months of development have been a whirlwind of laying the groundwork for the game and a world we’re just starting to build on,” he said.

As part of the game’s debut, the developers set aside $1 million in GOG tokens and several non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as additional rewards.

Immutable’s Guild of Guardians gameplay: Source: YouTube

Elsewhere, Animoca Brands Japan announced on April 22 that the company will be partnering with Square Enix, the game’s creator. Final fantasy chain, to develop a non-fungible token (NFT) hero game. coexistence. “Animoca Brands Japan will support Symbiogenesis by offering its expertise in Japanese projects’ overseas expansion, global NFT sales and marketing activities, and by enhancing collaboration opportunities for Animoca Brands’ large network of companies and partners, the company wrote.

In Symbiogenesis, players will descend into a ruined fantasy world and attempt to solve puzzles through missions designed around the theme of monopoly and distribution. The game can be played through any of the 10,000 NFT characters, which also serve the dual purpose of being profile pictures.

On April 19, Cointelegraph reported that the classic dark fantasy ARPG Seraph: In the dark, built on Arbitrum and developed by Seraph Studio, recently crossed over 11,000 Ether through multiple in-game NFT sales consisting of heroes, in-game equipment, priority passes, and more. The game is under constant development and is currently in pre-season.

Seraph: Into the Dark game. Source: Steam

Likewise, on May 13, Pixels will be released, a casual game on Web3 that offers an open world of farming and exploration. Transgression 1 million active players daily. It generated a token revenue of $4.4 million over the past month from VIP subscriptions and in-game transactions. In February, the value of the game Pixels surpassed $2.7 billion after moving to the Ronin gaming blockchain and listing its token on cryptocurrency exchange Binance.

A new and ongoing crypto bull market has been dominated by new projects, unlike those in the previous cycle. Two years ago, the Fantasy Monster Battle NFT Axie Infinity accounted for nearly two-thirds of all GameFi NFT blockchain transactions. At the time, Axie Infinity had approximately 2.7 million monthly players, which has since dropped to 342,353.

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