Computer scientist and venture capitalist Kai-Fu Lee recently reiterated his stance that…

Computer scientist and venture capitalist Kai-Fu Lee recently reiterated his stance that AI technology will replace at least half of the global human workforce by 2027.

Kai-Fu Lee initially predicted that AI would take over at least half of all human jobs by 2017. A position he has since defended. In a 2018 interview with IEEE Spectrum, for example, he noted that despite the fact that humans have many talents and skills that AI is unlikely to acquire, AI will still replace about half of between us at work.

“Most jobs are repetitive,” Kai-Fu Lee said at the time, noting “driving trucks, telemarketing, washing dishes, picking fruit, working on assembly lines, etc. »

He added that he believes AI will eventually become a more important core technology than electricity and the Internet combined.

In a recent interview with Fortune magazine, he doubled down on his statements when asked if he thought the prediction still held weight in 2024.

In the interview, Kai-Fu Lee said his expectations remain the same:

“It’s actually eerily accurate. I was criticized for being too aggressive in 2017, 2018 and 2019, and I was a little nervous at the time. But when the next generation of AI came out, I think everyone jumped on the bandwagon and thought this was the right pace.

Few people in the tech world have a resume as extensive as Kai-Fu Lee’s. He worked as an executive at Apple before becoming founder and director of Microsoft Research Asia. After his tour within the Redmond company, he landed the position of vice president of Google and president of Google China.

Since May 2024, he has been the founder and chairman of Sinovation Ventures, a venture capital fund focused on the development of global technology products and services. He is also the founder of 01.AI, an AI startup focused on developing products and services for the Chinese market.

Kai-Fu Lee’s predictions about the future of AI come against the backdrop of his belief that China will eventually surpass the rest of the world in AI technology.

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