Bitcoin (BTC) was hovering around the $67,000 level on May 19 as liquidity strengthened.

Bitcoin (BTC) was hovering around the $67,000 level on May 19, with liquidity building around the spot price through the weekly close.

BTC/USD 4-hour chart. Source: Commercial View

Bitcoin resistance levels looming around $70,000

Data from Cointelegraph Markets Pro and TradingView showed the bulls maintaining this week’s uptrend, with monthly gains of over 10%.

Analyzing the obstacles ahead, popular trader Daan Crypto Trades noted that $72,000 now represents the largest resistance area.

“The price has reached a wide range around $67.4k, but there are still significant levels around $68k. Starting around $72,000, that’s where most of the liquidity is,” he wrote in part of a post on X (formerly Twitter) alongside a chart of the CoinGlass monitoring resource.

“Below, most of it has stabilized with the recent downtrend, and the first level of note will be around the $60,000 area.”

Heatmap of BTC/USDT liquidation. Source: Dan CryptoTrades/X

Near the spot price, liquidity concentrations stand at $66,500 and $67,800 respectively at the time of writing.

BTC liquidation heatmap (screenshot). Source: Coinglass

Continuing, Daan Crypto Trades highlighted the importance of Bitcoin’s 100-day moving average (MA) as a long-term support level.

“This will be a good indicator to measure medium/high term dynamics,” he commented.

BTC/USD chart with 100MA. Source: Dan CryptoTrades/X

Popular trader and analyst Rekt Capital reinforced the optimistic outlook for Bitcoin, noting that only a 1% rise in the BTC price stands between the current move and a new chapter of the bull market.

“BTC only needs an additional -1% decline to make another attempt after the Bull Flag breakout to ensure the uptrend continues,” he explained looking at the timeframes daily.

BTC/USD daily chart. Source: Reckitt Capital/X

Trader: the price of BTC can drop by 10% “minimum”

More conservative views on BTC’s recent price action have come from, among others, fellow trader and commentator Credible Crypto.

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X’s May 17 post indicated that the uptrend was now over and BTC/USD was expected to return to retest the $60,000 level – or lower.

“At this point, I think we will reach, at a minimum, the 59-60K zone,” he warned alongside the chart.

“The blue zone at 62-63K is still an interesting area and may provide some temporary relief, but I think it will eventually disappear.”

Bitcoin/USD chart. Source: TrustedCrypto/X

Credible Crypto added that altcoins would suffer more severe losses if this scenario occurs.

“A drop to $59-60,000 on BTC represents a 10% drop on many altcoins, and their own drop would be much greater,” he concluded.

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