Binance CEO Richard Ting recently told Cointelegraph that the industry…

Binance CEO Richard Ting recently told Cointelegraph that the cryptocurrency industry has moved from the era of “early adopters” to the era of “early majority.”

Teng’s confirmation came in response to a request for comment from Cointelegraph regarding the company’s June 8 announcement that it had reached 200 million registered users worldwide – the largest cryptocurrency exchange to date. day.

“We are honored and extremely honored to have welcomed 200 million registered users and counting,” wrote Teng, in a comment provided via email, adding that “this milestone is an embodiment of trust that the cryptocurrency community and industry players continue to have in Binance’s environmental system.

The CEO attributed the company’s “rapid growth” (its user base grew from 100 million to 200 million in just 26 months) to the changing landscape of the cryptocurrency industry:

“This achievement is not just a victory for Binance. It is also a sign of the strong growth and maturity of the broader cryptocurrency sector. …This reflects the shift from the “early adopters” of cryptocurrencies to the “early majority”, indicating that an increasingly large share of the world’s population is becoming accustomed to cryptocurrencies and their limitless possibilities.

However, Binance won’t be resting on its laurels anytime soon, as it remains on a billion-user mission. “Going forward, we at Binance remain focused on driving initiatives that drive financial inclusion and innovation,” Teng said.

The path to a billion users will not be easy. This would require almost doubling the number of current holders of cryptocurrencies in the world and one in eight people on the planet registering.

It will also require political support from global regulators, particularly in the United States, where nearly 50 million cryptocurrency holders – around 10% of the global user base – remain in a regulatory limbo as the SEC and other similar government agencies are reviewing the legal situation in the country. different aspects of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrency industry.

The upcoming presidential election will likely shed light on the issue, as presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump recently announced that, if elected, he would be the crypto president.

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