Asset management firm VanEck was quick to celebrate with its exchange-traded fund (ETF).

Asset management firm VanEck was quick to celebrate its new Ethereum (ETH) exchange-traded fund (ETF) with a 37-second commercial convincing “Enter Ether” viewers.

VanEck published his commercial on

The SEC must still give the green light for each ETF’s S-1 filing to begin trading, which analysts say could take a few months.

“Could it be the fuel for a less centralized open source economy? VanEck Advertising Inquiries. “What could Ethereum be?” It depends on you and me.

The ad has been reposted over 1,000 times on X and has been viewed 170,000 times at the time of writing this article.

Online reaction to the announcement was largely positive. “Advertising is really hard (as fuck),” said Colin Goltra, chief operating officer of Yield Guild Games.

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“Today, baby boomers are learning about smart contracts for the first time (and) realizing that cryptocurrencies can be more than digital gold,” wrote the anonymous co-founder of DeGods private club X+ “My V”.

Meanwhile, Jito contributor Andrew Thurman wrote that the Ether ETF is advertising “to your friend at the bar who took a lot of mushrooms and lived in a tent for a year.”

VanEck made a series of similar announcements in late September for its Ethereum Strategy ETF – branded as EFUT – an Ethereum futures ETF launched a few days later on October 2.

Currently, other asset managers with 19b-4 approval have not made any announcements, with only Grayscale and Bitwise acknowledging the approvals in X publications.

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