Apple is set to reveal its response to the artificial intelligence (AI) fires that…

Apple is preparing to unveil its response to the artificial intelligence (AI) fires ravaging the technology sector: Apple Intelligence.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the Cupertino company will take the stage at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) from June 10-14 to announce its new “Apple Intelligence” suite of AI-based products and services.

Apple’s plan, according to the report, is to unveil a hybrid embedded/cloud approach to integrating AI services into its product portfolio. Where available, iPhone and iPad will use separate hardware (integrated chips) to run AI services, and in cases where more powerful models are required, the hardware will rely on cloud services .

This should allow Apple to maintain consumer privacy for applications such as predictive typing, typing suggestions and simple queries. But when it comes to more powerful generative features, it appears the company will work with OpenAI on ChatGPT – an interesting possibility given that OpenAI collaborates with Microsoft for cloud services.

It’s also worth noting that Apple will bring new features to Siri. Even though Siri was once synonymous with virtual assistants, it is now starting to show signs of aging as it lags behind competitors like Samsung who have already adopted modern generative technology.

The new version of Siri will supposedly be able to follow step-by-step instructions to perform personalized tasks such as deleting specific emails or editing photos.

While it remains to be seen how consumers will accept Apple’s late entry into the AI ​​arena, one thing is certain: the public response to the term “Apple intelligence” has so far been entirely negative.

source: Mario Roman.

Experts, consumers, and analysts have long awaited Apple’s first foray into the world of generative AI following OpenAI’s historic launch of ChatGPT. Countless articles have been written speculating that Apple may have fallen behind in the so-called AI race, while rivals Microsoft and Google appear to have rushed to secure their early positions in the AI ​​sector. .

In comparison, the Cupertino company has remained relatively quiet on the AI ​​front so far. Hopefully the launch of AI-generated Apple emojis, a supercharged Siri, and the integration of “Apple Intelligence” into the company’s products will be enough to keep Apple at the top of the market cap rankings for the rest of 2024.

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