A Web3 developer shared the unfortunate story of losing money after creating keys

A Web3 developer has shared the unfortunate story of losing money after accidentally making his wallet keys publicly available on developer platform GitHub.

On June 5, Brian Guan, co-founder of live streaming app Web3 Unlonely, shared an article on X, claiming to have lost $40,000 after creating a repository on GitHub. The developer said he forgot his secret keys were in the repository.

source: Brian Javan

When a community member asked how long it took for funds to run out, the Web3 founder responded that it only takes a few minutes for someone to withdraw funds.

Cointelegraph has contacted Guan for comment but has not yet received a response.

Sentiment in the Cryptocurrency Community is Divided

When Guan’s post went viral on X, reactions from the cryptocurrency community were mixed. Some members expressed sympathy for the developer and offered support, while others discovered Guan’s previous comments about developers using OpenAI’s chatbot, ChatGPT, to write code.

A community member lamented the experience and expressed hope that Guan would return. However, other members of the community were less charitable.

In 2023, Guan published his opinion on smart contract engineers. According to Guan, projects that pay smart contract engineers $200,000 are “ngmi,” which is short for “I will not succeed.” The Web3 founder said that any strong developer “should be able to write solidly with the help of ChatGPT.”

For this reason, community member Foorbar posted a parody of Guan’s previous post, claiming that if someone paid $200 for a hardware wallet, they wouldn’t be able to do it and that developers should be able to store keys private in their GitHub with the help of ChatGPT.

Source: FOBAR

Meanwhile, another user said that while he was sorry for what happened, Guan’s opinion of the developers reeked of “Gen Z entitlement.”

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Memecoin mutations encoded by ChatGPT

While using ChatGPT for programming may still be controversial to many, the memecoin cryptocurrency using an AI chatbot has already seen success in the cryptocurrency space. On May 28, prices of the memecoin called Turbo hit a new all-time high, pushing its market capitalization past $600 million.

Digital artist Rhett Mankind created the memecoin in April 2023 using ChatGPT. Humanity used these prompts to guide ChatGPT in creating what it called the “next big” memecoin.

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