A new platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create music on demand has taken over

A new platform that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to create music on demand has attracted the attention of venture capitalists.

On May 21, Suno announced that it had raised $125 million from investors, with the goal of making beatmaking accessible to everyone – or so it claims. The company said the funds would be used for product development and team expansion.

As part of the funding announcement, Suno released an AI-generated song for the occasion.

The platform’s first prototype product launched eight months ago and allowed users to compose songs based on simple text prompts. At the current stage, users enter text prompts based on their desired “song description” and can choose whether they want it to include vocals or be purely instrumental.

Once a song is created, the album art and titles are also created, all customizable. Users can also edit AI-generated words with their own and extend the initial track.

Try the tool using the prompt “Make me a theme song for a Cointelegraph post.” I naturally created a two-minute track with the tags “trap, energetic, upbeat” associated with the music style.

When asked to create lyrics, create a large text that contains the lines: “Blockchain has come and changed the landscape / Decentralized power, it’s a whole new order / The cryptocurrency industry, a beast untamed / Cointelegraph on the front line, never to be tamed.

Suno claims that 10 million people have already created music using its platform, including Grammy Award-winning artists.

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The platform has already started generating buzz on social media, with one X user describing the new AI tool as a “gift” as she was able to create a song for her child.

source: Lulu Cheng Meservy

Despite the excitement, Suno is not the first platform on the web to allow users to create AI-generated music via text prompts.

In summer 2023, Google and Meta, which are currently developing high-performance AI models, launched their own platforms for creating AI-generated music.

However, even in its free version, Suno can create tracks up to two minutes long – compared to 30 seconds on Google’s MusicFX – with different song sections and chord progressions, giving its tracks a more musical feel.

AI-generated music has sparked significant controversy within the music industry over the past year, with companies like Universal Music and Sony taking a stand against developers who copyright-protect content. author of the artists.

Popular music YouTuber Rick Beto recently spoke with futurist Ted Gioia in a video about streaming AI music on streaming platforms like Spotify, coining the term “ghost music”, where it populates playlists and reaps streaming revenue.

Although musicians remain wary of AI, a survey last year found that more than half of musicians surveyed were concerned about public perception of AI use.

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