The Blue Bloods End Theory would be very disappointing if true

It’s hard to accept that Blue Bloods will end soon without heartbreaking rumors about how the series will end.

Before CBS confirmed that it was not backing down on its decision to cancel the popular cop/family drama, writers promised that any series finale would not contain soap opera-like drama.

This was never Blue Bloods’ style, but one theory about how the beloved series ended suggests a depressing ending from which there will be no coming back.

Frank Has a Lot to Say - Blue Bloods S14 E10

Donnie Wahlberg’s Instagram post sparked a devastating rumor about blue bloods

Donnie Wahlberg (Danny) was passionate about the fight to keep the Blue Bloods alive,

He also published several posts on the social networking site Instagram during the last week of filming, in which he shared the bittersweet atmosphere behind the scenes with his followers.

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One such post sparked a rumor that the series would end with the death of a beloved character, with some people believing Henry would die while others believed Frank would be killed off.

The post in question included a video of the actors dancing backstage. Wahlberg, a New Kids on the Block alumnus, led the entire cast in the kind of dancing he performs with his band, which will be on tour this summer.

Eagle-eyed viewers noticed that the cast appeared to be dressed in police uniforms usually reserved for funerals and that Sammi Gayle (Nikki) was wearing what some thought was a funeral dress.

Additionally, Wahlberg’s use of the word “bittersweet” in his commentary led some of his fans to believe he filmed some sad scenes.

Blue Bloods takes death very seriously — see, for example, the tribute to Williams’ treatment in Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 3.

In this case, the actor had died, necessitating such an honor, but Blue Bloods did not shy away from death. After Amy Carlson left before Season 8, Blue Bloods spent the next six years portraying Danny as a widower who had recently thought about dating.

At this point, the idea of ​​Blue Bloods ending in death is just a rumor.

Wahlberg could have intended that filming itself was bittersweet as he loved working with the cast and crew but was sad the series was ending.

Danny's Son - The Blue Bloods, Season 14, Episode 9

Ending Blue Bloods with the death of one of the main characters would be extremely painful

People are very sad about the loss of this show.

Blue Bloods was one of the last family dramas, and the Reagan family means a lot to its most dedicated viewers.

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The public knows it’s a fantasy, but the idea of ​​a family of cops getting together every Sunday without fail is comforting, especially for people who feel like family has become unimportant in our hectic society or don’t have the types of family they can share regular meals with.

If a member of that family dies during the final episode, it will break what’s left of our hearts.

Henry, Frank, and the rest of the Reagan family feel to many viewers like extended family, and it’s hard to say goodbye to this series forever without losing another character to death.

Frank and Henry advise Eddie - Blue Bloods, Season 14, Episode 9

We don’t have to end on such a gloomy note

The only reason to end with a character’s death is to make it clear to the audience that the series has ended and will not be returning. Why is this necessary?

We already know the show is over. CBS canceled it despite massive fan-led protests and pleas from cast and crew to continue.

There is no need to twist the knife by ending the string on such a low note.

Character death can be effective when necessary. I wasn’t looking forward to George Sr.’s death on Young Sheldon, but it was the perfect way to end the series because it was a catalyst for Sheldon to change his perspective on his childhood.

Maybe Blue Bloods will surprise me, but there doesn’t seem to be much reason to end on such a depressing note right now.

Shawn gets robbed - Blue Bloods, Season 14, Episode 9

The ending of Blue Bloods should reassure the audience that the Reagan family continues

Since Blue Bloods emphasizes family, the ending should respect that by reassuring the audience that the Reagan family will continue down the same path they’ve always done after the series ends.

The series has shied away from Jimmy and Eddie starting their family or spending a lot of time together because that would be too distracting, but Eddie’s possible pregnancy would be the perfect ending.

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Edie knowing she’s expecting will signal to viewers that the next generation of the Reagan family is on its way, and if she and Jamie decide to name the new baby Henry, I won’t be able to stop crying.

This would be a particularly effective ending if it occurred shortly after Frank’s retirement as commissioner.

The combination of these two life events would end the series on a note of life – and the Reagan family – continuing even though one chapter had ended.

Regretful Joe - Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 9

Audiences need this, especially after mourning the cancellation of Blue Bloods for more than a year.

Henry or Frank’s death might lead to the same place, but it would be more painful, so why do that?

Kill anyone out of bounds – reunification game possibilities

Paramount has already suggested that a spin-off may be in the works, and it would be hard enough to attract Blue Bloods fans without gratuitously killing off characters in the series finale.

Many Blue Bloods fans feel that the spin-off isn’t enough – they want more from the original show. If someone died at the end of the original, it’s unlikely they’d give the new series a chance.

Additionally, character deaths make it difficult to have reunion movies in the future.

Jimmy and Joe Share the Rhythm - Blue Bloods, Season 14, Episode 9

After CBS abruptly canceled Gunsmoke in 1975, reunion movies over the next decade or so helped wrap things up and give fans a sense of closure, and the same could happen with Blue Bloods, but not if people are missing for no good reason.

Of course, there is no guarantee that there will be such films at all.

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Any such plans are likely a few years away, and by then, Tom Selleck and Len Carrillo may be ready to retire.

However, this is not an option if characters are unjustifiably killed off in the series’ horrific ending.

The writing in Blue Bloods was as high quality during the final season as it has been at any other time, so there’s no reason to believe the series finale will be any less good. However, a character death would be difficult to pull off without angering fans.

A New Politics Causes Trouble - Blue Bloods Season 14 Episode 1

What do you think, blue blood fanatics?

Would you listen to the end if you knew someone important was going to die?

Hit the comments and tell us!

The final eight episodes of Blue Bloods will air on CBS Fridays at 10/9c from October to December 2024, and will stream on Paramount+ the day after they air.

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