Sirens Adds Kevin Bacon, Glenn Howerton to Its Already Stellar Cast

Sirens is quickly set to become one of the most anticipated series of 2025.

As we reported yesterday, Netflix’s dark comedy Molly Smith Metzler has cast Julianne Moore, Megan Fahey and Millie Alcock in the lead roles.

Now, Deadline reports that the cast has been enriched with two more beloved stars.

Glenn Howerton photo

Kevin Bacon and Glenn Howerton have both agreed to star in the talented trio of female leads.

Bacon will play Peter Kiel, the billionaire husband of Moore’s Michaela Kiel.

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Horton — arguably the modern-day master of portraying arrogant characters — will play Ethan Corbin II, a friend of the Kel family who, according to Deadline, is in the process of “quickly burning through his trust fund.”

The limited series, which is based on a play Metzler wrote during her time at Juilliard, takes place over one entire weekend at the Kells’ home.

Megan Fahey

Fahey plays Devon, the older sister of Simone, played by Alcock, who is assigned as Michaela’s assistant.

Concerned about the inappropriately close relationship between the boss/mentor and the employee/mentor, Devon tries to intervene.

Her actions supposedly lead to conflict with the wealthy and powerful Kells family, and madness ensues.

The series has been described as a “female-led dark comedy,” but we expect Bacon and Howerton will have some funny moments of their own.

Photo of Millie Alcock

Both actors have been unwilling to work in recent months.

This week sees the release of two highly anticipated films starring Bacon – MaXXXine and Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F – and the esteemed Hollywood veteran comes off the back of the success of Different Netflix Project, Leave the World Behind.

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As for Horton, he’s heading into his 17th season (!!!) playing Dennis Reynolds on It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, a show he’s been an executive producer on with his co-stars since 2005.

Last year, he starred in Blackberry and Fool’s Paradise, directed by his regular Always Sunny co-star Charlie Day.

Kevin Bacon picture

What do you think, TV lovers?

Are you as excited as we are about this interesting project and its ridiculously talented cast?

Hey, if nothing else, it just got a little easier to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon!

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